I&P to support private entities in educational space 


The Education and Employment Director of Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P), Koumba Anouma has said it remains their priority to ensure that financial assistance as well as technical skills are given to self-owned institutions, especially in the education sector.

Speaking in an interview with B&FT, at the sideline of a round-table discussion, she noted that there is a gap between the training and the needs of the private sector which needs to be filled.

“This is why we are supporting this entrepreneur in the ecosystem educational space to address this issue and help them to set career centers, improve their teachings and improve the learning objective that they have, not only on the curriculum but also on the students,” she added.

Also, Ms. Anouma mentioned that I&P is currently covering all the needs of entrepreneurs from start-ups to big companies and alongside, made some investments in the education sector.

The roundtable engagement was held under the theme, “Education, Employment and Digital; the future of work of the Ghanaian youth, in partnership with the Government of Monaco, MasterCard Foundation and the European Union.”

The Founder and Lead Coach of Virtual Career Office, Akua Ampah, also interacting with the journalists, observed that most graduates lack insight into career services even as they get ready to hit the working space.

She added that “It is very convenient for you to say that graduates are not well prepared for a lot of work. And for me, I think it’s a collaboration between the schools and employers. So, it is easy for employees to just send their comments saying that graduates in the world today are not well prepared, but the question I always ask is what are you doing as an employer to support them?

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Codetrain, Richard Brandt added that “interestingly some of these graduates do not have the Curriculum Vitae (CVs).

He went on to say “Most of them are not on LinkedIn, most of them do not have an online presence, they do not have online education so when they get onto the career field, employers have to start from scratch by educating them on these areas which also serve as channels for employment”

Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) is dedicated to promoting sustainable and profitable small and medium-sized African companies with high local added value.

I&P has developed different approaches combining financing and support to serve this mission and meet the needs of African SMEs, according to their maturity, size and financing requirements.

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