BOST supports UG’s One Student, One Laptop initiative

(BOST) has made a donation of GH¢ 100,000 to the University of Ghana's One Student, One Laptop programme, which seeks to enhance education through digitalisation.

The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) has made a donation of GH¢ 100,000 to the University of Ghana’s One Student, One Laptop programme, which seeks to enhance education through digitalisation.

The One Student One Laptop initiative, which falls under the Vice-Chancellor’s Programme for Enhancing the UG Student Experience through Digitalisation aims at providing affordable computers for students and staff and free laptops for needy students to help them fully adapt to the changes in education delivery and learning, while having access to the required resources to facilitate effective teaching, learning and research.

The donation ceremony, which took place at the Vice Chancellor’s office, saw in attendance, officials from BOST and officials from the university. E.Y Tweneboah Kodua, speaking on behalf of Chairman Professor Peter Quartey, highlighted the purpose of the programme: “The One Student, One Laptop programme is designed to cater to three groups of students”.

“The first group consists of needy students who lack the financial means to acquire a laptop. The second group comprises students who can afford a laptop but will receive them at a discounted price. Finally, the programme aims to provide computers to the entire school for the benefit of all students,” he added.

During the event, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, in her speech, emphasised the importance of creating an environment that promotes high-quality teaching and learning through digital means.

She expressed her gratitude to BOST, stating: “Thank you for joining us today; I am overjoyed by BOST’s generous contribution. The One Student, One Laptop program was launched last year in April, driven by the need to enhance the digital experience of our students. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the challenges faced by students without adequate devices or internet connectivity, and this programme aims to bridge that gap”.

She further emphasized the importance of equipping students with critical skills required in today’s rapidly evolving world. “In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is essential for our students to possess computer literacy and technological proficiency. These skills are fundamental for success in the modern world. We want our students to be excited about coming to class, and initiatives like the One Student, One Laptop program can help us achieve that goal.

“The modernisation of classrooms involves upgrading the equipment in the classrooms, such as transitioning from projectors to interactive screens and installing active speakers and other engaging devices. These advancements enable students to actively participate in the teaching and learning process, ultimately enhancing their educational experience.”

Edwin Provencal, Managing Director of BOST, expressed his excitement about the collaboration between BOST and the University of Ghana. He commended the university’s initiative.

“I am passionate about supporting brilliant but needy students because I understand the potential impact it can have on their lives. Having experienced poverty firsthand, I believe that with a little push, these individuals can achieve great things, even becoming future presidents,” he noted.

Mr. Provencal also took the opportunity to highlight BOST’s success and commitment to corporate social responsibility. “I am proud to say that BOST has transformed from a company incurring losses to one that has made significant profits. In 2021, we achieved a profit of GH¢161 million, and in 2022, we are on track to surpass those figures”.

About the project

The One Student, One Laptop programme is part of a three-phase project, which includes classroom modernisation, the provision of laptops to students, and the creation of comfortable spaces on campus with Wi-Fi connectivity. The University of Ghana continues to receive support from various organisations, and the collaboration with BOST marks another significant milestone in their digitalization journey.

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