Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam: Learn to prioritise

How do you prioritise tasks when everything seems to be urgent? How do you decide which task to tackle when there are what seems to be, what one of my colleagues refers to as, competing priorities?
Of course, when it comes to the workday, the needs of others or the immediacy of deadlines determine the priority. There can also be that struggle of prioritising deeds when it comes to our personal lives. One should try to ensure that every task that is tackled delivers value, and helps with future goals; this helps with prioritising tasks effectively. Try not to add tasks that are not deemed too important; they should not be on your to-do list.
By implementing prioritisation strategies, you can drastically change the trajectory of your working day to really make the most of your time in the office – and at home. These strategies will help you evaluate and set your top priorities. 
Find some pointers on how to prioritise more effectively:
  • Have a list that has all the day’s task
  • Identify the most important tasks and write them in that order
  • If you can’t write the list in order of which comes first, then highlight the tasks that are urgent or timebound
  • Keep reviewing and assessing your list
  • Let key stakeholders know ahead of time if there are any foreseen challenges
  • Delegate or ask for help
  • Be realistic about the tasks and timelines you have set
  • Remember to have a ‘I got this’ attitude because you have got this.

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