Lemonade Finance rebrands as LemFi

Country Manager at Lemfi, Precious Ama Kwartemaa Oduro

Lemonade Finance, a financial technology (fintech) firm providing payments and remittance services, has rebranded to LemFi, in line with its expansion agenda.

Country Manager at LemFi, Precious Ama Kwartemaa Oduro, said the move forms part of the company’s expansion drive to other countries. She explained that the new name marks the beginning of a fresh start and an opportunity to serve its customers with additional products and services that are unique and respond to their needs.

“I believe as a company, we have reached a point where we are trying to extend our operations beyond Africa. We are actually going global. So we felt it was right to rebrand and that’s a fresh start,” she said.

As a cross border payment system, Lemonade Finance allows Africans in Canada, United States and United Kingdom to send money back home instantly with no charges.

It also provides the platform to hold multiple currencies, which means easy and instant transfers to and from 10 African countries: Ghana; Nigeria; Kenya; Uganda and; Tanzania among others.

Ms. Oduro emphasised that the rebranding only affects the company’s name, logo and new tag line being “international payments for everyone”.

Touching on the new name, she said it will bring on board new products as well as maintain the fintech’s core service of providing best remittance solutions. “We are going to maintain whatever we’re doing and include few additions. Our services remain the same.  Because remittance is our call service for now; we are still going to stick to providing the best remittance solutions to Ghanaians. But the only difference will be a change in our name and brand identity”.

Apart from expanding its payment services to other countries, LemFi will be launching additional products and services to make cross border transfers convenient for all.

Ms. Oduro urged customers to look forward to the new products and to expect the best remittance service at zero fee and at the best exchange rates.

She added: “I think for everything you have to start with the people you are providing the service for. We will ask our customers of their needs, work on the feedback we receive and provide solutions to the problems. Every day is a learning curve for us, so we are always asking questions to get the right answers”.

Ms. Oduro expressed gratitude to the company’s clients and business partners, saying: “I would like to thank Ghanaians for the warm reception and acceptance. We are not changing totally. We are changing our name and our brand, but our services remain the same. We are also going to add extra services to make things easier for them”.


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