Talkative Mom Studios, Alpha Aesthetika give NICU mom treat

Adele Gloria Darko of Alpha Aesthetika presenting an envelope to the mother on behalf of NICU Soldiers

Talkative Mom Studios, an inclusive space for children and parents, has partnered with Alpha Aesthetika, a physician-led aesthetic clinic and spa, to give a mother with babies at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) a spa treat.

The mother, whose set of twins born prematurely are currently on admission at a NICU in Accra, was selected by NICU Soldiers – an advocacy blog that focuses on the neonatal intensive care unit.

Founder of Talkative Mom Studios, Eno Quagraine, said she was happy to be part of a project that seeks to relieve stress on parents, particularly mothers.

She explained that although she has not experienced the NICU, she had heard and read stories from friends who have shared how stressful having a baby in the intensive care is and this was her little way of helping relieve some stress off a mother. She added that mothers of new-borns experienced many psychological and physical challenges and needed support from family and close friends during those times.

Dr. Alberta Amissah Asiedu, an Aesthetic Physician and certified Cosmetic Formulator who runs Alpha Aesthetika, said she has seen first-hand the stresses mothers with babies on admission go through.

She said having practised at some public hospital facilities, she knew that some mothers sat on floors and plastic chairs for long hours while nursing their babies on admission. “We would have accepted to give more of such mothers a treat if you had come with more. It is the little we can do to give back to society. I have seen many parents, especially mothers, go through different forms of struggles in hospitals. Sometimes, what to eat is even a challenge. Some lay on bare floors at night for weeks and you can tell they are going through difficult periods just by looking at them.”

The founder of NICU Soldiers, Ms. Efia Akese, expressed gratitude to the businesses for agreeing to give the woman a treat within a short notice.

She explained that having been to the NICU twice, she appreciated the struggles of mothers at the unit and knew that a spa date would not only help take off some of the stress from the mother, but will also take her mind off the anxiety at the unit.

“Most mothers with babies in intensive care are so concerned about their babies and they forget about their personal well-being and mental health. This mother is nursing two babies with two different conditions, and you can only imagine what she is going through since she delivered some weeks ago. While we continue to advocate for better conditions for families with babies in the intensive care unit, we continue to look at ways we can contribute – no matter how small to alleviate their stresses.”

NICU Soldiers also presented lunch and an undisclosed amount to support her up-keep.

Ms. Akese expressed gratitude to the individuals who continue to support the projects she embarks on since she started in 2021.

The talkative Mom Studios, located at East Legon in Accra, is a ‘village’ that provides a safe and inclusive space for children and parents.

The studio holds different events for parents and children and has a team of professionals, nannies and tutors who ensure that parents and children get the help they need.

The facility also houses the med spa, Alpha Aesthetika, which provides services such as massages, facial treatment, post-partum hair loss treatment and other non-evasive beauty procedures.

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