Nyoheni-Shishegu ASA Business Centre screens over 200 people


ASA Savings and Loans Limited, Nyoheni-Shishegu Business Centre, has held a free health screening for over 200 clients and members of the community.

The screening is for them to know their health status and be in good health.

They were tested and screened on malaria, diabetes, blood pressure (BP), hepatitis B, eye, among others, by One Heart Medical Centre.

Divisional Manager, Mohammed Haiul Hassan and Area Manager, Mohammed Imarat of ASA Savings and Loans Limited both mentioned that the health their clients and the communities in which they operate is very important to them.

“Health screening, helps them to get to know if they have a particular disease or condition. There are certain diseases that does not show any signs or symptoms,” Mr. Hassan said.

According to Mr. Hossain, early detection, treatment and control of the condition can result in good health as well as lower the risk of severe complications.

Also, Mr. Abdulai Abrahaman, the branch manager of the company, added that the health screening is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

He announced that the area will soon embark on a tree-planting exercise to tackle climate change.

Dr. Abdul Baaqi Umar, who led a team of doctors and nurses for the health screening, mentioned that blood pressure and malaria were the most frequent ailments.

He advised them to visit the health centre when they are not well.

“Check on your health regularly, do not buy any medicine over the counter; it should be prescribed by a physician. Exercise regularly, eat well-balanced meal, avoid excessive intake of alcohol and always keep your environment clean,” he advised.

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