Adjo&Kojo’s No Reason for Rhyme


Here To Stay? Here’s To Stay!

Guide your soul from the occurrence lest the reoccurrences occur

Each activity brought is stayed and life, stained

Yours and yours. Each brought, yours and yours

Yours’ not yours; yours’ for theirs

In potential perpetuity, the transient



Here’s to stay!


Guide your body for the day lest the night emerges

And looms—in potential foreverness, threatens to loom

This body, yours for yours


Theirs for theirs

The transient transgression, made everlasting…


Guide your eyes lest it sees and blinds

Binds you to darkness

Light lies turned light’s lies

Light lies at the foot of darkness

Whiteness, ghastly, ghostly—darkness


Guide your feet, lest it sways and stays

Each wrong turn, a resolution

Each wrong turn, a resolution

A promise of a retreat, an assurance of further advance

Both, concurrently


A misstep…

Here to stay

There to stay

In potential perpetuity…

[Writer’s note: I have always liked how the same word, the same phrase, or sentence can mean different, opposing things all at once with little modifications—and sometimes no modifications at all…]


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