AIDEC Digital hosts maiden AI seminar in Ghana

AIDEC Digital
Ambrose Yennah, CEO of AIDEC Digital speaking at the AI seminar
  • emphasizing ethics and responsibility in AI development and deployment

AIDEC Digital on Thursday, May 4, 2023, hosted the first seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI), in its ultra-modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre of Excellence at AIDEC Plaza, East Legon, Accra, Ghana. This seminar was titled ‘Machine Learning and Practicing Ethical AI’.

Tech enthusiasts and industry professionals gathered at the seminar hosted by AIDEC Digital to discuss the opportunities presented by trending technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) etc. and deliberated on the potential dangers of these emerging technologies and how to deploy ethical AI tools to deal with them within a legal and regulatory environment.

The speaker Emmanuel Gbeve, Chief Technology Officer at AIDEC, and an AI ethicist, warned of the potential risks that come with the use of these technologies and calls for caution in the implementation of these emerging technologies.

The speaker gave a brief history of AI, ML, DL and ChatGPT and how they have evolved over the years. He delved into the opportunities as well as the dangers, which, if unchecked can lead to unintended consequences.

Emmanuel Gbeve, Chief Technology Officer at AIDEC speaking at the seminar

Touching on facial recognition technology that can be used for surveillance to autonomous weapons that can make their own decisions, the speaker painted a picture of the possible risks and misuse and called for caution during implementation. The seminar focused on ethical considerations and emphasized the need for transparency, fairness, and accountability when designing and implementing AI systems.

Participants explored the latest trends and innovations in machine learning and discussed how these technologies are transforming businesses and society. Participants made contributions, asked questions, and there were lively discussions about the implications of AI and ML in various fields, such as healthcare, education, and finance. The speaker provided practical examples of how AI tools can be deployed ethically in different contexts. The seminar was very engaging, informative, and thought-provoking.

Other issues discussed include data privacy, algorithmic biases, application of human rights to AI and the potential displacement in the jobs market for people that would refuse to evolve and move along with the trending technologies. Participants noted that it would be extremely essential to approach the challenges with a critical and thoughtful perspective and work to ensure that machine learning and AI are used responsibly and ethically within established standards and regulations.

A key takeaway from the seminar was the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration when it comes to designing and implementing AI. The speaker emphasized the need for engineers, social scientists, ethicists, and other stakeholders to work together to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly.

Leadership of AIDEC Digital and participants at the seminar

The seminar ended with participants having a greater appreciation of the opportunities as well as the potential dangers of AI and how to ensure that AI is developed and deployed ethically. Participants resolved to learn from each other and help develop best practices for using machine learning and AI to create value for their various businesses, organizations, institutions, and society.

AIDEC Digital’s seminar had sparked an important dialogue on the responsible use of AI, and participants left feeling inspired to work towards creating a more responsible and ethical AI landscape.


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