Tradition meets Technology: Hallmark of Save In Jewelry


…SIJ honours mothers on Sunday

With the finest, experienced hands in the jewelry industry, Save In Jewelry (SIJ) comes as the most sought-after jewelry manufacturing centre over the last one year.

Located within the heart of Ahodwo, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, SIJ has the best, quality and affordable jewelry designs one would come across.

Jewelry such as wedding rings, ear rings, engagement rings, pendants, anklets, necklaces among others are made to suit the preference of the client.

The most unique thing about SIJ is the manner with which they have blended traditional symbols on the jewelry they make. Their designs from the adinkra symbols is a beauty to behold.

Most staff at SIJ have between 25 and 40 years of experience and when these come together get their clients mesmerized. To have a pendant or engagement ring beautifully made with two adinkra symbols woven together to give a specific meaning is indeed out of this world.

Clients who want their image on any accessory always go home excited as SIJ designers take their time to use technology to get the image embossed on it for them.

Jewelry is the icing on the cake after you are all groomed beautifully in your African print or any attire. However, with jewelry from Save In Jewelry, you cannot go wrong.

Their jewels are made from Ghana’s finest gold sourced deep in the ground at the Western, Ashanti and several parts of the country. They use up to date technology and equipment for their jewels to come out as beautiful, quality and unique.

All jewelry manufactured at SIJ goes through a ton of process so it comes out as the finest on the Ghanaian market which competes favorably with imported ones.

Jewels from SIJ are manufactured to meet international standards and some are exported to other parts of the world.

Even with the great job being done at SIJ, there are some limitations such as heavy import duties charged at the ports when importing quality machines to boost their work.

Head of Operations at SIJ, Kojo Arthur is asking government to look at this situation and give jewelers some tax waivers at the ports and this would definitely boost their work.

Ghana’s Jewelry Industry

Mr. Arthur in an interview has observed that even though gold is mined locally, the jewelry industry in the country is not vibrant as expected. Most of the gold is sent abroad in its raw form, refined and used for jewelry among other things and is sent back to the country at exorbitant prices.

He indicated that it is important for value to be added the raw gold and in the process, jobs would be created to mitigate the unemployment rate in the country.

He blamed the seemingly non-vibrant jewelry industry on the lack of requisite machines and equipment which sometimes does make their work a bit less in standards even though the jewelers have the technical know-how.

He believes traders who import jewelry from Dubai, USA and other European countries are doing the nation a disservice. For him, Save In Jewelry is here to make quality jewelry at affordable prices that suit the pocket of every Ghanaian and jewelry lover.

Mother’s Day promo

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Save in Jewelry, from the 1st of May started a Mother’s Day promotion to give back to their clients for supporting their brand for the past one year.

He noted that promotion would run for the whole of the month of May but a special ceremony would be held on the 14th of May to celebrate mothers.

Before one could be eligible to win an instant gift for their mother, customers should have purchased items worth GH₵3500 or more at the Save In Jewelry shop at Ahodwo in Kumasi or any of their sales outlets, sales executives or through delivery.

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