Perspective on productivity


There is this notion that every emerging technology should be adopted into our lives for the sake of it being a new technology but not from the perspective of productivity.

Many of us are using technologies that we don’t really understand its huge ramifications on our minds, personality, psychology, and social wellbeing.

For instance, many just upload pictures and videos onto platforms without necessarily understanding that they cannot be deleted when they wish to do so.

More so Corporations also adopt technologies without necessarily understanding its overall impact on their business just for the sake of being considered trendy.

Almost all major technologies that changed our lives had a major perspective of productivity to it.

The following are examples of technologies that had profound perspective of productivity yet because of how common they are today, the notion of they being seen as such and perhaps the impact of how big a deal they were and still are had been lost on us.

The discovery of fire was technology. Mind you this was in the primitive era.

It enabled man to warm up during cold times and to see in the dark to protect and defeat huge predators.

During the industrial revolution, another technology that was discovered is electricity.

The discovery of electricity within this era changed the whole perspective on productivity.

Factories and industries could now churn out more products throughout the entire day.

Now employees could work 24 hours and 7 days a week in the industries.

So, more people got employed and economic growth was phenomenal.

This industrial revolution led to steam and combustible engine technologies, which also totally altered the way man travelled. This led to the invention of ships, and cars to carry goods from one country to another and within towns and cities.

The ship took days to reach its destination.

This means flights could be used to deliver goods and services in a faster and convenient way than ships.

Well, the Internet technology in the things of today has given you the capacity to do business in any country of your choice by a click away from wherever you are by not necessarily stepping foot in that country and in a very scalable manner. For example, AIRB&B, UBER, E-BAY, ALI BABA.

So, what is Technology?

Technology is any time, any where a new variable is introduced to the same set of circumstances to create a totally different exponential result.

From this one can deduce that,

The perspective of productivity in the context of these various examples is by a means through which a certain platform or drive can be deployed to achieve exponential results and not mainly pictures or videos onto a platform that basically doesn’t yield any exponential result regarding productivity but as content to grow that platform of technology.

So what should one do?

Before one decides to adopt any technological platform, one has to identify and understand its intended purpose and how its perspective on productivity can be achieved.

One should not just adopt it based on how trendy it is.

Be a content creator and not a content provider based on perspective of productivity.


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