Robust financial system bedrock for Africa’s sustainable economic growth – GSE


Managing Director of the Ghana Stock Exchange, Abena Amoah has stressed that ensuring a robust financial system is key to driving sustainable economic growth in Africa.

She argued that a robust financial system is the bedrock upon which the continent can flourish.

To this end, she called on sector players and stakeholders to collaborate and remain innovative saying innovation is the lifeblood of Africa’s economic progress.

“Governments, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, private sector entities, and civil society must work hand in hand. We need to foster a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability. By strengthening governance frameworks, enhancing risk management systems, and promoting ethical behavior, we can build a financial ecosystem that commands trust and attracts investment,” she said in her key note address at the B&FT’s 2023 Money Summit themed: Africa’s robust financial sector: the catalyst for sustainable economic growth.

Ms. Amoah said the aforementioned are crucial as it will enable capital mobilization, drives financial inclusion, promotes trade and investment, fosters innovation, and supports sustainable development.

Also, because a “healthy ecosystem of banks, capital markets, insurance companies, pension funds and other financial institutions will create an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and shared prosperity.”

The Money Summit, 2023

The Money Summit is a strategic platform powered by the Business and Financial Times. This year marks the third edition, and at a time when the global economy, more significantly, our local economy is going through challenges. Many financial analysts, economists, and experts in financial markets view that the financial sector is key and critical in sustaining and subsequent salvage of the ailing economy.

This year Money Summit will act as the most comprehensive source of forward-thinking predictions that will be sure to shape the next wave of Fintech and the future of finance. It will equally discuss the forces and ideas reshaping the future of money and the significant role of insurance, pensions, and fund managers among others in building a robust financial sector.


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