Poetry Corner: The Francophone Diaries 




Take this and give me that

It is because you asked to be free

To be liberated from centuries of slavery

It is my tit for your tat


Give me all there is

And take this little piece

It is because I granted you just enough space

Freed you from my tight grips

For half a breathing space



It is because you rejected to breathe under my direct control

It is because I opted to rule via remote control

But still in the control mode

Je suis General De Gaule



If you need to take it from your own

You can have it as a loan

It is because I did not give you up

It is because I still own your land

I did not free you from my hand

Je suis Monsieur Mitterrand




Mon frere, never again

Je suis Rèvolutionnaires Burkinabe

It is because my testicles ache

From aches of colonial trampling

From cracks from Francophone thumping


Nothing in Faso lasts forever

Sankara et al

It’s time for Wagner

Je suis Field Marshall Putin Vladimir



And the ripples just began

In France

They shifted the pension age

To a new age


Those protesting French feet

My foot

I care less to give a hoot

That’s the game of boot for boot

Je suis President Macron



Hey guys!

Mes amis!

The free lunch is over

Keep working until your ankles

And your knuckles

Knock over



The fool just brightened up

Straightened up

Wised up

At the long long last

And it’s game over



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