Lordina Konadu Yiadom – the new goddess of Y102.5FM’s ‘PickNPlay’


Lordina Konadu Yiadom is the new host of Y102.5FM Kumasi’s broadcast ‘PickNPlay’. ‘PickNPlay’ is a music request show that airs every Saturday morning on YFM 102.5 from 9am to 12noon. The show allows listeners to request songs for their loved ones and for themselves too. Basically, ‘PickNPlay’ is every listener’s Saturday morning radio companion.

The radio presenter, events MC and public speaker is better known by her stage name, AbenaKay Yiadom. She attended Amaniampong Senior High for her secondary education, and PMC Media and Business College for a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

AbenaKay describes herself as an easy-going person and an avid reader. After getting home from a long day at work, she loves to eat Jollof, dance and listen to music. However, she currently feels bad about her social life. Her one-year-old son takes up most of her evenings and leaves almost no time for going out. She fears that this will be the case until he is old enough to take care of himself or go with her.

Lordina Yiadom did not have an overall easy childhood because she grew up in a broken home and was the firstborn. She has worked her way up to the top in the industry because she had trust in her skills. What motivated her was the fact that she always commanded attention whenever she spoke, and people seemed to like listening to her.

When she discovered this, she decided to turn her passion into a skill. She doubts she will be as good at anything other than the communications industry. The host has been in the field for five years now. She lives by the motivation: “Once I have life and good health and I don’t give up, I won’t be where I am forever. I will progress with time”.
Also, she is a Christian and believes herself to be really religious, which makes it easier for her to have faith.

This mindset also reflects in what animal the radio presenter says she would be: an eagle. Just like the bird, she never gives up and keeps flying high, no matter what. In five years, she hopes to be a very prominent radio personality as well as the public relations officer for prominent companies. She names hosting a big album launch as one of her major achievements.

To her, success means having enough money and not to be forced to depend on anybody. On her way to success and in her life, she finds the most important values to be loyalty and honesty.
The radio presenter also pays close attention to the way she dresses. She is particular about her looks and what to wear to what event or which colours to combine.

Describing her personality, AbenaKay calls herself a reserved extrovert. Even though most of her traits would be linked to an extroverted person, she barely does things extroverts do. Still, she has good social skills and gets along with her colleagues and boss very well.

Work and industry fulfil her, and she wishes that her time at the studio will be increased and that she will get to host many events. She is so passionate about radio and broadcasting that she listens to radio in her leisure as well – to other colleagues in the same office as well as entirely different offices.

A challenge that she is facing in her work life is the distance between her home and her work. However, she overcomes this struggle with her willpower and strong mindset and is eager to rise even further in the industry.

AbenaKay’s advice to young people is to prepare for an opportunity. She says that there are times when an opportunity knocks but you are either too deaf to hear it or not ready to take it. Therefore, the host advises especially young people to prepare themselves for the opportunity they have been wishing for so desperately, just in case it presents itself.

Join the ‘PickNPlay’ broadcast on Y102.5FM every Saturday at 9am!

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