Kingdom Digest with William BURCKSON :What does God promote?


It is not unusual to hear in church, ‘I got promoted by the grace of God.’ I remember asking a senior minister of the Gospel what the secret to his success and impact in ministry was, and his answer to me was, ‘Jesus is my secret.’

Now, what do you do with an answer like that? How do I explain the failures of many who have Jesus, just like this senior minister of God? His response, though valid, is too simplistic. His answer was not empowering. I could not walk away knowing what to do precisely to replicate his success and more. Maybe such an answer is a deliberate way to keep the ‘secret’ of his success from others so they remain disempowered and forever dependent!

Others also attribute their success to the favour of God. The Bible clearly states that every child of God is in favour with God (2 Corinthians 5:19). And yet not all God’s children are enjoying success. This dichotomy has engaged my attention for a long time, and through study, meditation and relentless pursuit of answers, God has enlightened my mind to see the place and role of man in God’s program on the earth.

What I want you to think hard about is this: what does God promote? What does God support? Many erroneously believe that promotion in life depends ONLY on what goes on in church buildings. They suppose they can get a promotion simply by an offering, financial seed or by claiming a prophecy.

Unfortunately, this wrong notion produces believers with faulty beliefs and mindsets regarding success and influence on the earth. Many believers have concluded that their monetary offerings in the church will compensate for their incompetence at work. Does God promote incompetence and laziness? The church must wake up! Many Christians are predominantly sitting on the greatness within them because they have not understood why God made man on the earth. Understanding the purpose of man on earth will change you forever. God made the earth and man in His image (male and female) and authorized them to run it. Therefore, man is the key when it comes to life on earth.

To think that there will be changes in your life without you changing means you have believed a lie. When God gets involved in your life, you ought to be better. God is not a minus or a disadvantage to your life. Partnering with God must make you creative, energized, productive, competent and excellent.

God Promotes Hard Work

Some ministers of the Gospel, in proclaiming the message of grace, sometimes posit the abolishment of hard work together with the law (Mosaic laws), with the coming into effect of the dispensation of grace. They have ‘marketed’ the Gospel as an invitation to a vacation – rest from all work. It is, therefore, not a wonder when some believe that being favoured by God means doing less work. God made man work for a purpose. When you stop working, you start waning.

Every promotion you require is scheduled into your capacity to deliver rare value. Let your quest to produce results shape the way you think and live.

God Promotes Excellence

Excellence gets recognition. Your promotion implies becoming excellent because you will find it embedded in excellence. Regardless of where you work, no one can keep excellent work in obscurity for long. It will be known. Focus on becoming excellent at what you do. It was this spirit in both Daniel and Joseph that secured their place at the top.

Keep pushing, stretching and striving towards becoming an excellent person; do amazing things. In these lie your promotions.

Think kingdom. Take dominion.

William Burckson is the President of the Kingdom-Minded Network (KMN), an organization with the mission to raise, mobilize and empower a network of Kingdom-Minded individuals and organizations, with the necessary kingdom understanding and competencies, to facilitate the advancement of God’s Kingdom Government on earth for social and national transformation. 

The Kingdom-Minded Network

The Kingdom-Minded Network (KMN) is a global community of kingdom-minded individuals and organisations seeking to influence people and spaces with kingdom capacity and character.

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