MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Green screen


Not too long ago, one of the greatest movie actors in the person of Idris Elba graced the shores of Ghana with his vision of setting up a film studio.

The Green Screen Technology got mentioned as the conversation about this wonderful project continued.

Afterward, a heightened interest in green Screen technology aroused.

As a matter of fact, this green screen effect gives an aura of anything possible with imagination.

Green Screen in movie productions of our modern era is an awesome aggregator, abridger and consolidation for all and sundry who once couldn’t dream of great productions that sought to graphically depict the reality of whatever pictorial reality they wanted to portray on screens.

There is no need to travel to different locations to depict the environment and merge it into a production.

The joy of every movie director is to ensure that the story being told on screens can be related to reality and is authentic in nature on screens.

Green Screens are neon green, blue or other colours which serve as backdrops that range from cloth to paper to green paint.

This allows the movie crew to create any environment even if it is not real.

For instance, a practical experience of Green Screen in movie production is the vast ocean, dinosaurs, airports and football studios, like the English Premier League set that host the panelist team that has discussions before the start of a game.

Movies like Avengers and black Adams rely heavily on Green Screen Technology.

Now, with this Green Screen effect, countries like Ghana can take advantage by deploying it to curb the issue of looking for good set locations.

Theatres in countries like Ghana can properly aesthetically synchronize their scenes with green screen effects on stage. Like what happens in the fantastic beasts’ sequel.

This Green Screen would enable countries like Ghana to save cost on movie productions.

The ability to ever tell an indigenous story with all the vivid depiction of the old relic realities in a movie could have never been this real if not for the endless creativity of this Green Screen effect technology. For example, the movie Apocalypto as directed by Mel Gibson.

Finally, no matter how long it takes for a movie sequence to be done, this Green Screen effect would help make the sequence more concise in the final production of the movie.

If this green screen could be properly harnessed, our tourism accounts of the slave trade could be relived using holographic effects at such locations that would forever etch an experience on the minds of those that go on such expeditions.

Green Screen effect is indeed a greener pasture.

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