KGL Foundation partners Road 2 Jannah Foundation to support Ramadan activities

Road 2 Jannah Foundation

The KGL Foundation, in partnership with the Road 2 Jannah Foundation, has embarked on a charitable initiative across Ghana to donate food items to various organisations in preparation for the upcoming Ramadan festivities. The Office of the National Chief Imam, Akropong School for the Blind, Fadama, Weija Leprosarium, Abossey Okai Zongo, and Rahma Orphanage Home are among the beneficiaries of this noble gesture.

The KGL Foundation, known for its philanthropic activities and commitment to community development, has once again stepped forward to extend its support to those in need. Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and reflection for Muslims, is a time of giving and sharing with those who are less fortunate. In this spirit of compassion, the KGL Foundation has joined hands with the Road 2 Jannah Foundation to provide essential food items to various institutions and communities in Ghana.

The beneficiaries of this initiative include The National Chief Imam, who leads the Muslim community in Ghana and plays a significant role in promoting peace and unity among all religious groups in the country.

The Akropong School for the Blind, a renowned institution dedicated to the education and well-being of visually-impaired students, will also receive support from the KGL Foundation and Road 2 Jannah Foundation. In addition, the Fadama community, known for its vibrant Muslim population, will benefit from this donation along with the Weija Leprosarium, a facility that provides care and support to individuals affected by leprosy.

The Abossey Okai Zongo, a predominantly Muslim community known for its rich cultural heritage, will also receive assistance from the KGL Foundation and the Road 2 Jannah Foundation. Lastly, the Rahma Orphanage Home – a charitable organisation that provides shelter and care to orphaned and vulnerable children – will also benefit from this generous donation.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Elliot Dadey, CEO-KGL Foundation, expressed his gratitude to the Road 2 Jannah Foundation for their partnership in this endeavour. He emphasised the importance of giving back to the community, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, and reiterated the KGL Foundation’s commitment to supporting those in need.

The Road 2 Jannah Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote Islamic values and provide humanitarian aid, expressed its appreciation for the collaboration with KGL Foundation. They acknowledged KGL Foundation’s consistent efforts in making a positive impact on communities and individuals across Ghana.

The food items donated by the KGL Foundation and Road 2 Jannah Foundation include rice, cooking oil, sugar, canned goods and other essential items which will help ensure that the beneficiaries can observe the Ramadan fast in a dignified manner. The organisations receiving these donations expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the support, which they say will go a long way in alleviating the hardships faced by the less-privileged during this auspicious month.

The KGL Foundation and Road 2 Jannah Foundation’s joint effort to donate food items for the Ramadan festivities reflect their commitment to giving back to the community, and promoting compassion, solidarity and inclusivity. Their generosity and philanthropic spirit serve as an inspiration to others and highlight the importance of collective efforts in creating a positive impact in society.

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