ASA Savings and Loans reaches out to clients at Akim Oda on health screening


ASA Savings and Loans Limited – Akim Oda Business Centre in the Eastern Region, in partnership with Divine Victory Hospital, has reached out to their clients for health screening.

Over 100 people were screened and tested in malaria, hepatitis B, blood pressure and typhoid.

They were educated on the need to exercise regularly and eat healthy diet, as well as on sthe causes, effect and prevention of malaria.

Malaria and blood pressure were the most occurring diseases after the screening.

Medication was given to them according to the type of disease while others were advised to seek further treatment at a health facility close by.

Dr. Irene Ashiabor of Divine Victory Hosiptal, who led a team of medical assistance for the screening, mentioned that malaria can be very severe and there is a need for prevention by using indoor residual spraying, insecticide treated nets as well as ensuring that the surroundings are always tidy.

She advised those dignosed of blood pressure to go for regular check-ups and take their medication to the last dose.

Ms. Selina Brown, Branch Manager of the area, said the health screening is organised annually as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

She clarified that it is also for the individuals to know their health status so they can go about their daily activities effectively.

She advised their clients to continue to participate in the company’s health screening exercise and all other activities for the cordial relationship to be maintained.

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