Book on the future of work launched


How Work, the Workforce and Workplace are ever Changing and how to Prepare.

A new book outlining current trends and changes regarding the future of work was recently launched at Miklin Hotel in Accra at a very impressive event. Dr. James Rajamani, the chairman for the occasion and Group Chief Executive Officer for Kingdom Exim Group of companies said “the future of work conversation must excite everyone”, he noted this book is very timely and a powerful piece to behold by all as put together by the author – Baptista S. Gebu.

The Special Guest of honour Mr. Victor Yaw Asante, C.E.O and M.D of FBN Bank who doubles as the District Governor for Rotary International District 9102 congratulated the author for putting together such a wonderful book. He emphasized that indeed the future belongs to those who are ready and prepared for change. He encouraged all and sundry to get copies of the book to get abreast with the information contained in the book.

Dr. Welbeck, Hon. Peter Mensah, Mr. Samuel Segbefia, District Governor Nominee Designate Nana Yaa Siriboe, Past Assistant Governor Fredi Asiedu, Mrs. Lucy Owusu – Darko, Elder Wallace Danquah, Juliet Amoah,  some alumni of Methodist University, ASMMOSS, Rotarians, the business and diaspora communities as well as Civil Society Organizations were some of the dignitaries present.

The first copy of the book was sold for GHC 10,000 which was purchased by the chairman of the occasion representing the Kingdom Exim Group of companies which is the leading West African based quality focused Agro products exporter and supplier.

The author of the book said, what motivated her to put together this book was the fact that many jobs are quickly becoming obsolete and the situation will get worst with the ever increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence per research. This may lead to many losing their jobs and many more also being created for those ready for the right skill set.

Considering Ghana and by extension Africa is part of a global village and cannot be detached; it’s important to understand the up and coming changes and adapt as everyone needs an informed understanding on what individuals, businesses, governments and other organizations need to know about how work, the workforce and the workplace is ever-changing, and how we can prepare for those changes, make decisions that will enable our organizations to thrive today while we prepare for the future.

The book forward was provided by notable professionals including but not limited to Dr. Stella Agyenim Boateng of VRA, Daniel Domelevo former auditor general of Ghana now with the Global Fund, Kojo Amissah of SHRM Forum, Senyo Adjabeng, Dr. Bernice Welbeck of the Ghana Labour Commission, Eng. Abir Leheta –Forbes magazine’s 100 powerful business women in the Middle East recognized in 2020 and 2023, DG Victor Yaw Asante of FNB Bank Ghana, Dr. Barada of Sri Sri University, Dr. Yousrey El-Sharkawi the Chairman of the Egyptian African Business Association, Mawuli Zogbenu of the Ghana Insurance Commission and author of the useless column among others.

Copies of the book can be acquired by contacting the author, on amazon and other portals. All request should be sent to [email protected] /WhatsApp |Telegram |SMS to +262-213-313 or via social media @Sarahtistagh for Facebook and Instagram, @Sarahtista for Twitter and Baptista S. Gebu on LinkedIn.

The author of the Book is the Chief Executive Officer of FoReal HR Services, and also authors the future of work capsules, the Africa We Want Series as well as the Giving Capsules. She is the District Chair for Rotary International District 9102 Vocational Training Teams, and represents Women in Rotary International in country as well as the Egyptian African Business Association. She is a Hybrid professional, a researcher, prolific writer with several publications to her credit, an influencer, public speaker and skilled Human Resources professional with a broad generalist background. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a Volunteer for the SHRM Ghana Forum as well as the YALI Network.

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