Why growth hacking is essential in your marketing strategy

Have you heard about Growth hacking?
What do you know about it?
Today I will take you through ‘Growth hacking’ and how you can combine a set of skills to improve in a chosen field.
A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Sometimes, growth hackers are also called growth marketers, but growth hackers are not simply marketers. Anyone involved in a product or service, including product managers and engineers, can be a growth hacker.
Growth hackers tend to be obsessive, curious and analytical.
Growth hacking strategies
Most growth hacking strategies fall into three main areas:
  • Content marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Advertising
Depending on the tactics used, content marketing can be a low-cost way to get the word out about your product. Typical content marketing activities include:
  • Starting a blog and creating valuable, shareable content
  • Guest blogging
  • Creating social media content
  • Writing ebooks and white papers
  • Podcasting
  • Running webinars
  • Running contests and giveaways
  • Getting bloggers to review your product
  • Joining relevant fora, groups, and subreddits
  • Influencer marketing
  • Using email marketing to build a stronger connection with users
  • Improving content visibility with SEO
  • Getting listed in relevant marketplaces and sites, such as Product Hunt
Product marketing includes techniques for making your product more appealing and building the user base.
Growth hackers can also use social advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to promote their businesses.
4 Methods used by a growth hacker
  1. Growth hackers focus solely on strategies related to growing the business.
  2. They hypothesise, prioritise, and test innovative growth strategies.
  3. They analyse and test to see what’s working.
  4. The ideal growth hacker knows how to set growth priorities, identify channels for customer acquisition, measure success, and scale growth.
A Growth hacker is not a set of skills, it’s a mindset.
Therefore, you learn how to bind skills together to create solutions to problems that exist.
There are so many career paths in Growth hacking, a few of them are as follows:
  1. Copywriting (this could be a career path)
  2. Email Marketer (this could be a career path)
  3. Content Marketer (this could be a career path)
  4. Marketing Strategist (this could be a career path)
  5. Marketing Analyst (this could be a career path)
  6. User Testing (this could be a career path)
  7. Product Manager (this could be a career path)
  8. Entrepreneur (this could be a career path)
The only thing that sets the afore-mentioned jobs into ‘paths’ is that they ignore the other mindsets associated with the other roles. Growth hacking has little to do with owning technology, and everything to do with understanding technology and how humans interact with it.
If you’re able to take on the mindset of each of the roles mentioned earlier,
  • You’ll be able to better convey ideas/concepts.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of what each team member needs.
  • You’ll have buy-in for new initiatives.
I refer to this skill most often as empathy, and I’ve found it extremely important and valuable in sales & marketing strategies. Additionally, if you’re able to speak to the importance of each of those roles in an organisation, then you’ll be easily prepared to take over any of those roles in any organisation.
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