Samuel Adjetey retires from GPHA after 33 years of service


A send-off parade has been held in honour of outgoing Deputy Port Security Manager (DPSM) at the Port of Tema, Samuel Adjetey, who retires from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority after 33 years of service.

Stakeholders from the Tema Port business enclave, current and former Port Security Managers, and Authority workers gathered to pay tribute to the security veteran, described by all as a dedicated hardworking servant of the Port.

DPSM Samuel Adjetey is recognized by the Port Authority for his crucial role in ensuring compliance to the ISPS Code.

According to the Port Authority, his vast knowledge in maritime security and port operations always made it easy for successive Port Security Managers to effortlessly filter into the operations of GPHA.

The Director of Port, Sandra Opoku noted that DPSM Adjetey was a very a reliable subordinate who made her work easier.

“Indeed every department or section has a go-to person; the person who knows how to handle the difficult situations and customers. The person who can be called upon at the most ungodly hour and will respond as though they have been expecting or they have been waiting for the call. That person who often has their wits and composure in check in the direst circumstances. Officer Sammy or Manager Sammy has been that person for most of us.”

The retired officer in turn urged the various security officers to give off their best in service to the Port Authority.

“We should therefore see our service to the authority as an opportunity to serve and give off our best. This requires the need to be professional, dedicated to the core values of the organisation and be loyal to the leaders of the authority. We are all a team fighting for a common goal.”

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