NRSA urges road users to adhere to road regulations for safety


The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has launched a road safety campaign in the Northern Region, aimed at educating drivers, transport operators, and pedestrians on the need to adhere to road regulations to avoid accidents.

The campaign, which took place in the streets and various lorry stations, was launched ahead of the upcoming Easter festivities.

The Northern Regional Assistant Planning officer, Misbaw Wundow, who led the operation, noted that the exercise was geared toward ensuring that road users understand the importance and need to comply with various road signs for their safety. He emphasised that the exercise was necessary to curb the rampant accidents affecting lives and property.

“This time, we are carrying out campaign toward the Easter festival to ensure pedestrians, drivers and other road users are safe before, during and after the Easter festivities. In view of that, we have visited the lorry terminals to educate drivers and passengers on road traffic regulations as well conduct pre-departure checks,” he said.

As part of the campaign, the NRSA conducted pre-departure checks to ensure that vehicles were roadworthy, drivers were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and passengers wore their seat belts.

The authority also visited lorry terminals to educate drivers and passengers on road traffic regulations.

According to Mr. Wundow, the authority observed that adherence to road regulations was very low in the Tamale Metropolis, resulting in daily road accidents. However, the NRSA’s activities would help save resources and prevent unforeseen incidents.

The authority also advised drivers not to take advantage of the festive season and the number of passengers at the bus terminals to rush for passengers. It encouraged drivers to take ample rest to ensure passengers’ safety and to comply with road rules and regulations.

The Northern Savannah Regional Manager of NRSA, Mr. Mohammed Samad, speaking with the B&FT, emphasised that the authority was working with the National Insurance Commission and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service in the education exercise.

While the routine exercise has encouraged most road users, especially riders and drivers, to comply with regulations, Mr. Wundow noted that motor riders in Tamale often ignore road regulations and fail to stop for pedestrians to cross. The authority urged all road users to prioritise safety and follow road regulations.

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