Global Evangelical Church, Teshie launches Business Incubation Programme

Rev. Maxwell Joshua A. Bonuedi (2nd left), and Mr Richard Nunekpeku (4th right) – Managing Partner, Sustineri Attorneys Private Unlimited Company, with some members of the board of trustees

The Global Evangelical Church (GEC) Victory Chapel, Teshie, has launched a Business Incubator Programme to assist young professionals in the Church turn ideas into viable ventures.

Dubbed Victory Business Incubation Programme (V-BIP), the programme, which is being spearheaded by the Young Adults Ministry, would serve as a link between knowledge-sharing (theory) and practice for business start-ups and expansion. The programme would also provide funding for sustainable business ideas as well as coaching and mentoring from a board of trustees.

Richard Nunekpeku, Managing Partner, Sustineri Attorneys Private Unlimited Company speaking at the launch

Speaking at the launch of the programme, Richard Nunekpeku, Managing Partner, Sustineri Attorneys Private Unlimited Company, said Churches must build values systems and business character that would empower people within the Church to create sustainable businesses for themselves and the country.

He said the Church must lead in building values of integrity, honesty, among others, which are important for successes in businesses.

Mr. Nunekpeku explained that if the Church takes the lead in leveraging these values and empower people within the Church to take up the enterprise of running businesses, the country will see businesses that are put on sustainable footings. “For a business to either survive or fold up, there is a greater need for a certain culture to be developed beyond the provision of goods and services,” he said.

He noted that beyound the spiritual duties of the Church, it must also provide technical and financial resources to viable and sustainable businesses. This, he said, would also impact on the growth of the Church.

“The growth of the Church would be sustained as these businesses grow,” he said. “It is time for the Church to play a role in developing business support systems that encourage members to take up business ventures and grow overtime,” he added.

Rev. Maxwell Joshua A. Bonuedi, Parish Pastor – GEC Teshie, said the Church had developed this initiative to support its members beyond their spiritual needs and development. He said beyond the salvation and prosperity message, the Church must be interested in the physical and financial well-being of its members.

“There’s a need for the Church to put support systems in place for its members to achieve their purpose in life,” he said.

Rev. Bonuedi noted that the Church needs to develop its members by availing resource persons and provide technical financial support, especially for its youths to grow, hence, the launch of the programme. “Beyond the teachings, preaching and praying, the Church must rise to the occasion by leading the way and creating an environment for its members to thrive,” he added.

For his part, Wellington Dzordzordzi, President of the Young Adults Ministry, said he was hopeful that the programme would address the many  challenges of youth unemployment within the Church, and urged beneficiaries of the programme to make the best out of it.

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