COA empowers  girls with UNESCO-PRADA Project


UNESCO Ghana with support from PRADA has partnered with Child Online Africa and other partners to implement a UNESCO-Prada Technology Enabled Girls Education aimed at improving girls’ school attendance and continuity of learning through digital skills and technology in selected districts in the Eastern, Ashanti and Oti regions of Ghana.

Despite the internet being a force for good, it is not designed with children, and especially girls, in mind. Research shows that girls’ participation in STEM has been low and does not seem to improve due to ACCESS and AGENCY issues. A study by UNICEF Ghana in 2017 reported that throughout all the different sets of digital skills, boys reported higher skills than girls.

The project apart from improving school attendance and learning outcomes for girls is also seeks to expand locally driven girl and youth -led initiatives in favour of girls’ education through advocacy and community -led interventions will also enhance access to locally relevant learning and development resources for girls using technology.

Child Online Africa believes that girls should be empowered to sit around the tald when Ghana’s Digital agenda is being set, shaped, and built, as they are the future. The rights enjoyed by children offline must be extended online.

It is our hope that at the end of the project the girls in the beneficiary communities. will be resilient, informed and empowered;having been introduced to the internet as a platform where they can be open and creative citizens, without being addicted nor vulnerable.

Child Online Africa is committed to empowering girls in Ghana and ensuring that they have access to the same opportunities as boys.


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