GMABC, Library Authority commit to promote literacy


Global Media Alliance Broadcast Co. Ltd (GMABC), a reputable media conglomerate in Ghana comprising Ghana, Happy 98.9 FM and the Y –Triangle (Y 107.9 FM -Accra, Y 97.9 FM- Takoradi and Y 102.5 FM – Kumasi) paid a courtesy call to the Ghana Library Authority (GLA) on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

Led by the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GMA, Ernest Boateng, the team met with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Library Authority, Hayford Siaw and his team to discuss concepts and collaborations aimed at improving literacy, access to knowledge materials, and promoting the initiatives of the Library Authority.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed various ways in which they could collaborate to improve the literacy rate in Ghana. They talked about the importance of promoting reading culture among Ghanaians, especially the youth, and how GMA and GLA could partner to achieve this goal.

Both parties also discussed the need for increased access to knowledge materials and infrastructure in Ghana and how GMA could support the Library Authority’s efforts to provide quality and relevant materials to Ghanaians. They also explored the possibility of GMA supporting the Library Authority’s initiatives through the provision of creative and marketing support to attract the right patronage.

Speaking after the meeting, Ernest Boateng expressed his excitement about the positives of the meeting.  He reiterated GMA’s commitment to supporting the growth of literacy in various sectors of the Ghanaian community and pledged to work closely with the Library Authority to achieve this goal.

“I think we need to bring back our culture, and by so doing, we also need to make sure that the infrastructure, framework, and policies are more aligned to push us in the right direction. That is the essence of our clarion call to the authority. We are committed and remain focused on making sure the habit of reading, especially among the youth and the community in general, lives on,” he said.

In response, Hayford Siaw thanked GMA for their support and commended them for their commitment to improving literacy in Ghana. He expressed optimism that the collaboration would yield positive results and contribute to the development of the education sector in Ghana.

“This is awesome initiative from GMA and its subsidiaries and obviously its going to make a huge opportunity for both parties but especially for us at the authority to reach various Ghanaian demographics extensively from the youth, the mases and other sectors,” Mr. Hayford remarked.

Overall, the courtesy call by GMA to the GLA was a demonstration of GMA’s commitment to supporting local policy and plans by agencies such as the GLA. The developing relationship between GMA and GLA is expected to create a positive impact on the education sector in Ghana, especially in the areas of literacy, access to knowledge materials and infrastructure.

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