Family, Child & Associates is now part of Luccahealth


LuccaHealth, a leading healthcare provider has announced the acquisition of Family, Child & Associates (FCA), one of Ghana’s leading pediatric and family health practices. With this acquisition, LuccaHealth now offers comprehensive health and care services, including General Practice care, Pediatric (children) care, Specialty care and Surgical care.

Family, Child & Associates (FCA), whose offices initially will remain in Airport West, has provided patient-centric care to infants, young children, teens, adults and families for more than a decade, delivering quality and dynamic medical services to the West African community. In addition to providing quality healthcare services, FCA is dedicated to raising awareness about infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, HIV and educating patients and the community on preventative measures, Including immunizations and vaccinations.

We are pleased to announce that as part of the expansion of LuccaHealth with Family, Child & Associates, Dr. Juliet Tuakli, will be the Medical Director of LuccaHealth Medical Center.

Dr. Tuakli stated, “Family Child and Associates (FCA) is excited to be part of the LuccaHealth family. Collectively, our expertise in pediatrics and family health will enable us to expand our service offerings to provide comprehensive healthcare to West Africa.”

LuccaHealth Medical Specialty Center provides specialty and same-day surgical care. Offering the latest innovations in medical care and technology, LuccaHealth’s team of physicians, nurses and health professionals is dedicated to delivering quality, patient-centric care, while achieving the best clinical outcomes for patients, in moments that matter.

“We are thrilled to welcome Family, Child & Associates to the LuccaHealth family. We understand the importance of quality healthcare, and together, we are driven to provide the highest level of care to those we serve. Our expanded services enable us to serve the full spectrum of health and care needs of the community, fulfilling our mandate of providing care where you live. We are committed to doing our part with Ghana’s medical community to transform the opportunities to receive quality care without leaving West Africa,” said Rodney Armstead, President of LuccaHealth.


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