IWD: PwC engages adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene management and digitalisation


PwC Ghana has engaged adolescent girls of the Accra Royal School in James Town, Accra to educate them on menstrual hygiene management as part of activities to mark the commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

The move, which is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, saw in attendance 100 girls aged between 10-15 years, including female teachers and the headmistress.

In an interview with Lydia Pwadura, a Tax partner at PwC Ghana and West Market Area Leader for Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility, she noted that the company researched and realised that the Accra Royal School is one of the schools that need some assistance in the area of menstrual hygiene management.

According to her, access to sanitary pads and its affordability remain challenges for girls in Ghana, which leads to low turn-out and lack of interest in education from adolescent girls in schools across the country.

In addition to menstrual health education, Madam Pwadura added that as part of fulfilling the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations, PwC found it necessary to educate the girls on digital education and online safety standards. “In this digital era we find ourselves in, we want them to understand also that there is a lot available for these girls even here within Ghana if they stay focused on their education.”

Touching on other projects that PwC is engaged in, Clara Amarteyfio-Taylor mentioned that the company has a partnership with one of the prominent schools in Ghana, where they engage with teachers from schools in deprived communities to train them consistently on modern tools that aid in teaching well using global standards for education.

“Creating positive continuous societal impact is very important to us. Beyond this, there are other education-related projects we do on a continuous basis. Our partnership with one of the prominent schools in Ghana allows them to engage with teachers and head teachers from less-privileged areas, and they train them on new teaching methods that are globally accepted, including planning classes and how to engage with children,” said Madam Amarteyfio-Taylor.

She added that for over 15 years, PwC has been touching lives to the extent of adopting an orphanage where the company rebuilt the orphanage and provided funding and support to them as well. Madam Amarteyfio-Taylor noted that PwC also works in partnership with other organisations that have developed application software to help physically challenged persons.

She again added that PwC had supported SMEs with business clinics on writing business plans and business proposals.

“What forms the basis of the projects we work on are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We pick along the lines of the SDGs focusing on education, sanitation and environmental sustainability. We also believe in impacting different societies so we pick different projects to work on. At this moment, since 2021, our key focus has been on education and empowerment of all genders. So on an on-going basis, we’re doing things to contribute to the development and growth of the society and communities in which we find ourselves,” she explained.

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