Samsung Galaxy A14 is here!


…a phone for all occasions and all your favourite moments

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy A14 with the latest innovation and technology that has become synonymous with Galaxy smartphones. This latest Galaxy A series comes with a large screen, an awesome camera and all the essentials you need to stay connected. It looks and feels awesome as it delivers a truly special performance from its connectivity and design to give its users an overall amazing mobile experience at a great value.

The Galaxy A14 features the tried and tested Galaxy signature design identity with a refined and polished camera deck. The flat, linear camera housing seamlessly blends into the uni-body frame to complete the visually appealing silhouette. With a laser pattern back cover, the phone comes in beautiful colours that include light green, black and silver.

Awesome screen

The Galaxy A14 boasts an enhanced, wider and sharper display with a 6.6” FHD+ large display and high resolution for immersive viewing. This is an improvement on the Galaxy A13 that it replaces, which had a 6.5” HD+ display.

Awesome camera

Each picture is captured with all its incredible details by the awesome triple-lens camera supported by the upgraded selfie camera. The 50MP main camera ensures that every detail comes alive in high resolution, and you can snap the best of yourself with the 13MP selfie camera. Get a wider perspective and amazing details using the 2MP Ultra Wide Camera or capture the tiniest details, up-close and crisp with the 2MP Macro Camera.

Large storage

Enjoy the room to store more of everything you love with 4GB of memory and 64GB or 128GB storage. You can run more apps and save more of your favourite things with the Galaxy A14’s large and expandable virtual memory and storage. Save more photos, videos, music and documents, and get up to 1TB of extra storage by simply sliding in a microSD card.

Longer-lasting battery life

In life, once a moment has passed, it will never happen again. The Galaxy A14’s battery works tirelessly, so you can savour all those priceless moments. You can certainly get more out of life with its 5000mAh capacity longer-lasting battery. Be it shooting high-quality videos of the fun times or taking clear detailed pictures of yourself, your friends or family, enjoying your music playlists, streaming your favourite movies or shows, the Galaxy A14 lets you focus on doing just that and worry less about running out of battery power, which runs strong for two days on a single charge.

Privacy & s ecurity

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your device is safe and your privacy is protected with the updates to the operating system and security features. Samsung provides 2 OS updates and Security Maintenance Release to maximise your experience with the latest features and the highest level of security.

Availability and RRP

Starting on 13th March, 2023, the Galaxy A14 will be widely available in carriers and retail stores in either 64GB or 128GB storage options.

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