FASYL Technology receives double ISO certifications

FASYL Technology Ghana

FASYL Technology Ghana, an indigenous company with a global reach, has been awarded two International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certifications. The certifications are Quality Management Standards (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Standards (ISO/IEC 27000:2013). These achievements coincide with the tech giant’s 12th anniversary of operating in Ghana.

By meeting these benchmarks, FASYL Technology Ghana has demonstrated its commitment to protecting sensitive information as well as consistently and safely delivering quality outcomes to their cherished clients.

The ISO assessment of FASYL Ghana’s Technology, People, Logistics and Services – Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Marketing and Sales, as well as Partner Products, revealed that all were top notch, leading to their international accreditation.

Speaking at the ISO Certification ceremony in Accra, the Group Managing Director of FASYL Technology, Mr. Jude Obiakor, described the certification as a milestone.

According to the Business Strategy expert, the company has never seized the opportunity to evolve in order to remain relevant in our constantly changing, technologically driven society. He further added that, from one client in 2006 to the current more than 20 clients in Ghana, FASYL Technology has helped shape and tailor solutions to power businesses.

Mr. Obiakor indicated that FASYL Technology Ghana has transformed to the point where they deem it imperative to standardise and certify their operations and policies in order to play in the same space as every other global entity and institution.

“FASYL Technology Ghana is 12 years old today. It’s been a long journey. The group itself is 23 years old. Every great achievement has a humble beginning, and FASYL is not exclusive in that analogy. FASYL had a humble beginning, starting in the garage of the founding founders in Apapa, Lagos, where the founding father was selling diskettes.”

“It was in March 2006 that a financial institution brought us to Ghana to spend six months rolling out a core banking application transformation exercise. We have been rolling with that transformation exercise since March 2006. We never stopped from one institution to the next. It’s a wonderful story from FASYL Ghana,” the business software expert said.

FASYL is a leading Integrated Information Technology Solutions and Software Services Firm, driven by a passion to deliver value for clients and ensure that they succeed in their chosen markets and operating environments. The firm’s cardinal focus is on developing financial software services across medium and large institutions in various industries.

Their coverage extends to FSI, telcos, manufacturing, and the public sectors within Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Some of their solutions include Internet and Mobile Banking, Conversational Banking and Kiosk Banking products.

Also speaking at the event, Country Manager for FASYL Technology Ghana, Marian Kwakye, thanked the company’s cherished clients and partners for sticking with it through thick and thin.

She believes that FASYL Ghana’s ISO certifications would not have been possible without the strategic partnership they have formed over the years and the clients that trusted them with the systems to provide them with solutions.

“This is a unique opportunity, and our excitement today is palpable as it marks an important milestone for FASYL. Growth and experience are two pillars of the school of life, and everyone needs to go through them. It is on this note that we celebrate the achievements of FASYL Ghana for this laudable ISO certification, in addition to the attainment of becoming a foremost technology partner to our numerous esteemed customers in the space where we operate.”

“We cannot leave our stakeholders, our most cherished clients, and our colleagues, who have not slept for the past two weeks in getting this done and having it come to fruition.  We pray that this occasion will be etched in all our memories and spur FASYL on to greater heights in order to win more laurels,” the FASYL Country Manager expressed.

On her part, Founder and CEO of Digital Jewels, Adedoyin Odunfa, congratulated the management and staff of FASYL Technology Ghana for achieving double-pronged certifications to two global international best practices standards.

She further commended FASYL Ghana for venturing into a space that larger companies are yet to achieve by going forward and implementing the processes and standards that are prescribed by the ISO.

“These standards are a necessity led by the management. They require the engagement of key internal and external stakeholders and strive for continuous improvement. So together with the very dynamic team of FASYL, whom I herald today, and team Digital Jewels Limited, we led a rigorous and painstaking process to implement these two global standards in an efficient and effective manner. It involved widespread certification, training, and awareness, detailed gap analysis, and a risk assessment.”

“When we identified the gaps and the risks, we then remediated them and closed them through a myriad of value adding activities as prescribed by the standards. It includes development processes, procedures, quality manuals, a hope statement, the articulation of objectives, roles and responsibilities, metrics, and measurements, among other things. All these activities culminated in the conduct of an internal mock audit, which confirmed significant gaps had been closed and a high level of compliance had been achieved. After this, we quickly progressed to the certification audit, which was also successful,” the founder of Digital Jewels explained.

However, the risk management expert cautioned not to lose sight of their continuous improvement journey as an ISO Certified Company. Ms. Odunfa noted that there will be an annual surveillance audit. Also, in the third year, a certification audit will be conducted to ensure that FASYL Technology Ghana continues to conform to the standards.

FASYL Technology Group believes it knows Africa like no other tech company. It has, however, set ambitious targets to ensure all its branches are ISO-certified in 2023, all in a bid to provide quality products and services to its esteemed customers.

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