Yango partners Leasafric to expand  footprints


Yango is thrilled to announce its plans to add thousands of cars to the service by the end of 2023, thus deepening the ride-hailing experience for its clients in Ghana.

This will be done through a partnership with Leasafric Ghana Plc, the leading leasing and logistics business in Ghana.

Under the partnership, Leasafric will procure and make available to Yango’s partners vehicles which will operate on Yango’s platform.

The partnership ties into Yango’s client acquisition and expansion strategy, which involves fleet acquisition for its Ghanaian partners aimed at ensuring a comfortable and safe travel experience for its customers.

In the medium to long term, Leasafric will partner Yango in other jurisdictions within the West Africa sub-region where Yango is present.

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director for Leasafric, Iyke Chiobi, said: “Our mission is to provide customers with quality leasing and ancillary service solutions to meet their unique needs.

“Leasafric’s service delivery is supported by appropriate technology in accordance with world-class systems and procedures.

“This partnership is dear to us, and we will bring to bear our expertise at ensuring superior experience for ride-hailing on the Yango platform.”

Yango’s Head of Africa Adeniyi Adebayo also commented that: “It is our great commitment to ensure that all of the rides taken with the help of the Yango service are up to a high standard of quality and safety.

“Our partnership with Leasafric will help us achieve that. We are devoted to the people of Ghana, and intend to expand our business in the country with the help of great partners, such as Leasafric.”

Since its launch in 2019, Yango has experienced strong growth in Ghana. For people of the country, the Yango brand has already become synonymous with fast, comfortable and safe travel. Yango uses its own maps, its own route and navigation system based on artificial intelligence technologies, and frequently introduces new features with a focus on enhanced security for riders.

Yango operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, including Algeria, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Mozambique, Senegal, Zambia, Congo Brazzaville and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Leasafric Ghana Plc is a leasing and logistics company which provides turnkey vehicle and asset leasing solutions to B2B and B2C clients in Ghana. A subsidiary of C&I Leasing Plc in Nigeria, Leasafric has a fleet of ~800 vehicles under its operating lease and Switch Car Rentals business.

The company also offers service offerings such as finance lease, fleet management, staff bussing, fleet tracking, and human resource outsourcing. Leasafric is currently the only pure leasing business regulated by the Bank of Ghana (BoG), and has remained vibrant for 25+ years.

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