Invest in Eco friendly generators for sustainable businesses – Diana Nyarko-Danquah


Managing Director of Megamax Electronic Limited, Diana Adwoa Nyarko-Danquah, has encouraged businesses to invest in eco-friendly uninterrupted power supply in order to efficiently grow their businesses.

At the launch of the Ecoflow range of Power Stations, she said power supply is one of the prerequisites for running a business smoothly however, many businesses and individuals are not attentive to this important aspect of business development.

Madam Nyarko noted that insufficient power supply goes a long way to affect a country’s economic growth and progress. She said it is important for companies and individuals to invest in sufficient consistent eco-friendly power supply that is affordable, reliable and durable.

“Over the years, Megamax has been one of the major players in the home appliance industry and we’ve been committed to serving the public with energy efficiency equipment for indoor and outdoor activities such as the Ecoflow range of power stations”. She added.

In a presentation, Samuel Ayim Mawuli, Head of Business Development at Megamax Electronic Limited, explained that EcoFlow provides portable, clean, and reliable power, by replacing traditional gas generator and reinventing the way the world accesses energy.

He said the EcoFlow product lineup includes state-of-the-art technology that offers users clean, quiet, and renewable power for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mr. Mawuli explained that “it is an integrated solution which is plug and play, very easy to use. We saw it as a fantastic solution to introduce to clients because with solar when the sun is down, you are unable to generate enough electricity and a lot of people have issues with acquiring a bigger battery bank, so we saw this as a great solution to filling that gap. So our aim was to create innovative power solutions that enable individuals, families, and society to power a new world.”

Mr. Mawuli narrates that for the past five years, Ecoflow has combined cutting-edge research and development with extensive distribution and sales network to redefine the battery industry with user-focused portable power stations.

He revealed that the EcoFlow range of products come in two series; the River and Delta Series with the River being a much smaller and portable version that powers small appliances, while the Delta Series powers larger equipment.

“For these series we have different capacities ranging from 300 Watts to 600 Watts for the river version and 700 to 3600 Watts for the delta version. The Smart Battery Management System also measures real-time voltage, current and temperature precisely and the condition battery for best performance with intelligent algorithm”, said Mr. Mawuli.

He explained that the power supply machines work as a power bank would and store power for later use adding that it can be combined to generate higher power voltage for everyday use.

He encouraged businesses and individuals to consider the Ecoflow range of power stations for the smooth uninterrupted power generation. “We believe that with the right level of education and appreciation of the solution, consumers should be able to acquire and use them for personal and commercial purposes,” he added.

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