Ecom Ghana’s success story


Ecom Ghana is a subsidiary of Ecom Agro Industrial Corporation, a Swiss-based commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain Management Company with operations in over 40 countries. It is committed to innovating, creating efficiencies, and empowering farmers to expand their businesses, leading to a distinctive business strategy that secures the future of Ghana’s cocoa and other crops while creating prosperity in rural areas.

ECOM has grown its footprint in Ghana, becoming one of the largest private LBCs and buying between 100,000 and 130,000 MT annually. With over 20 years of experience in the agribusiness supply chain, our company has evolved from a single entity to a group of businesses made up of AgroEcom Ghana Limited, Unicom Ghana Limited, Sustainability Management Services (SMS), Sourcetrust Ghana Limited, Unicom Specialty Commodities, Crop Doctor Ghana Limited, COFCO, JNF Properties Limited, and Kiteko Ghana Limited.

Crop Doctor Ghana Limited offers high-quality inputs and equipment and promotes cutting-edge agricultural approaches that increase farm yield and reduce costs. The aim is to improve farmers’ access to technology and information in Ghana. Recently, Crop Doctor introduced “Micromec Solutions” to smallholder farmers. These solutions include high-quality farm machinery for irrigation, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, and post-harvest solutions.

Sustainable Management Services, the advisory services wing of the business, works with over 140,000 farmers across all cocoa-growing areas in Ghana. They create a supportive learning environment for farmers to easily approach our field personnel and obtain the needed service. SMS directly employs about 130 field-based agronomists, and supports a network of more than 600 field trainers, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and training in good agricultural practices, to enable them to transfer knowledge and offer coaching to farmers in their assigned community.

The company’s transport and logistics division, Kiteko Ghana Limited, runs a fleet of 130 contemporary trucks equipped with excellent technological processes and monitoring tools to provide unmatched expertise and proficient haulage and logistics services throughout the nation.

At ECOM, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), which we believe is essential to empowering people, fostering inclusion, and accelerating societal progress. Some of our CSR initiatives include the inauguration of a newly constructed clinic in the Okaikwei Central Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, worth $200,000.00 to improve healthcare delivery in the community, establishing seven hospitals, 37 schools, 50 computer classrooms, and renovated 27 schools. We have established 354 community boreholes, which provide safe drinking water to over 500,000 cocoa farmers.

Apart from leveraging excellent opportunities to demonstrate our social responsibility, we implement livelihood empowerment interventions such as the Additional Livelihood Programme and the Village Savings and Loans Association to guarantee farmers have the year-round income to support their families. As a result, farmers receive intensive training in a variety of fields, including:

  • Vegetable production (pepper, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages, onions, etc.)
  • Animal rearing (poultry, turkey, rabbit, snail, pig, grasscutter) and fish farming
  • Soap-Making
  • Ceramic works (molding of earthenware, water, and cooking pots)

More than 30,000 farmers have so far benefited from these interventions with two or three multiple income streams.

We have also created over 6,000 direct and indirect job opportunities for over 4,500 purchasing clerks, 200 depot keepers, 700 loading boys, and 140 security personnel and continue to provide permanent job opportunities for tertiary graduates through our ECOM Talent Program. Little wonder we were named ’Best Company in Environmental Sustainability Project 2022’ and Best Company in Livelihood Empowerment Skills Development Project 2022’ at the 6th Sustainable and Social Investments Awards last year.

As an organization, our exceptional services have set us apart from the competition and reinforced our credibility, ultimately earning us an array of recognitions at prestigious award events. We seek to constantly offer excellent services to our clientele across the nation in pursuit of our rural prosperity agenda through the impact of the work of our teams in our result-oriented businesses.


Head Office: P.O. Box KS 14687 Kumasi Main, First Floor The Ark Building, Asokwa-Kumasi Tel: 233) 3220 37371/322020073 322091637

Regional Office: #8 Odei Kwao Street Airport Residential P.O. Box CT 8084 Cantonment +233) 3027 45445, Registered 5 Ghana, No. 91. 542 Cocobod Authorised Licensed Buying Company.

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