Brunch & Learn: exploring the multi-billion-dollar global education industry


The global education industry is a multi-billion-dollar sector that provides substantial revenue sources for countries worldwide. In 2022, the industry was valued at US$7billion globally, with an annual projected growth rate of 6.95 percent. As technology has revolutionised the education industry, entrepreneurs can now launch successful global educational companies from their home countries.

To explore the opportunities and challenges of this industry, the Ladies’ Entrepreneurship Club is hosting Brunch & Learn, an innovative event that brings together professionals from different fields to discuss actionable solutions to the challenges facing the education industry.

The event is scheduled to take place virtually on March 4, 2023, and is open to entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals interested in starting or growing an education business in Ghana or globally. The Brunch & Learn event will feature various panel discussions and deep dives that provide attendees with insights into the global education industry and strategies for launching and growing successful education businesses.

With the world’s population growing at a rate of almost 2 percent per year, the industry has numerous opportunities. The global education industry is expected to grow by over US$3billion to reach an annual revenue height of US$10.04billion in 2026. The Brunch & Learn event believes that with the right education and strategy, entrepreneurs can significantly benefit from this industry and provide people worldwide with comprehensive education.

The event will prioritise solutions in all conversations, and attendees will leave with new perspectives and actionable solutions to the problems they encounter. As the education industry in Ghana is one of the most dynamic sectors, with numerous changes taking place every year, starting an education business is a high-risk venture, especially for those who lack the necessary knowledge and strategy to weather all storms.

The event will cover several topics related to education entrepreneurship, including how to start an education business, creating an engaging learning experience, selling training services, online versus offline education, and for-profit versus not-for-profit. Additionally, attendees will have access to the Ladies’ Entrepreneurship Club and its community of women in the same industry for idea-sharing and partnership development.

The event will be hosted by Tonisha Tagoe, an accomplished educator with decades of experience in suppoting entrepreneurs in setting up and managing businesses of all sizes. Through her Ladies Entrepreneurship Club (LEC), she has successfully trained and equipped thousands of women worldwide to succeed in business.

The event will feature several speakers, including Julian Hall, CEO and Founder of Ultra Education CIC; Daniel Chinagozi, CEO and Founder of Innovation Growth Hub; Aisha Addo, Founder of Power to Girls Foundation; Camesha Cox, Executive Director and Founder of The Reading Partnership; Maya Yiadom, Management and Marketing Consultant and Co-Founder of Glight Artificial Intelligence & General Trading.

The rest are Candace Baker, neuroscientist and Life Coach of Intentional Change Coaching Services; Mavis Tachie-Menson, PT and Master Trainer of Balance Body & Mind; Jahzara Agyemang, Owner & Founder of Jahzara! The Educator; Natasha Dadzie, New Venture Strategist and Incubator Manager of Ashesi Venture Incubator; and Ghida Eid, Owner of Intentional Change Coaching Services.

The event offers attendees an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the industry, fostering stronger bonds with partners and launching the next big educational businesses from their homes. Additionally, attendees will gain actionable solutions to the challenges facing the sector.

The Ladies’ Entrepreneurship Club is a renowned business coaching and skills development company that offers tailored solutions to people worldwide who aspire to grow their businesses and achieve new levels of success. Over the years, the company has successfully trained more than 3,000 aspiring leaders and managers from various industries on how to turn their businesses into profitable ventures.

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