Appolonia City earmarks US$10m for infrastructure development


Appolonia City, Greater Accra’s newest futuristic city located 20km east of Accra in the Oyibi-Afienya enclave is expected to see an infrastructural facelift estimated at an amount of US$10 million in phases over the next 3 years.

Appolonia City is a project by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest private city developer with over 30,000 acres of visionary projects in growth trajectories of large cities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ghana has a huge infrastructure deficit that will require investment in the hundreds of billions of dollars to meet- an amount too huge for any single African government to fund. In the country’s recently approved 2023 budget, an amount of US$222 million was ear-marked for capital expenditure.

For a country with a total land mass of about 59 million acres, an amount of US$222 million could be broken down to US$3.7 per acre, clearly showing how insufficient this amount is relative to the infrastructural needs of the country. To help bridge the country’s infrastructural gap, the government often calls on the private sector to assist.

In response to the call to assist in bridging the infrastructure gap, Appolonia City, in 2016 launched a 20 Mega Watt power station for an amount of 2.5 million dollars to provide stable electric power to residents. This was to ensure that beyond the residents of Appolonia City enjoying stable power, the 200-acre industrial park located in the enclave would continue to be one of the most power-secure industrial enclaves in Ghana.

Following this rich history and culture of investing in infrastructural development in Ghana, the company intends to invest an additional amount of US$10 million over the next three years. Approximately, US$2 million will be invested in 2023.

This amount will be used in expanding access to water, power and selected roads within Nova Ridges 2 and 3 in Appolonia City where there is significant development activities by existing clients. The access roads within the Appolonia City Industrial Park will also see a significant facelift as part of the incoming infrastructural development.

This news certainly bodes well for the entire Oyibi-Appolonia-Afienya enclave where Appolonia City is located as the new infrastructural upgrades will have the indirect effect of raising the value of properties in the entire enclave.

Appolonia City is a 2,535 acre- development on the scale of Tema communities 1 through 12 developed by Ghana’s first president Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The project is the most visionary city development embarked on since the Nkrumah presidency which ended in 1966.

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