Dentsu CEO sworn in as 9th President of AAG

CEO of Dentsu Ghana, Andrew Ackah, has been sworn-in as 9th President of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) at its 8th Investiture ceremony on Friday 9th February 2023.

CEO of Dentsu Ghana, Andrew Ackah, has been sworn-in as 9th President of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) at its 8th Investiture ceremony on Friday 9th February 2023.

The event also saw the swearing-in of the Executive Council for the next four years: Clarence Amoatey, COO of Touchpoint Magna as Vice President; and Russel Eni, MD & Creative Director of Insel Communications Limited, as Treasurer.

In his keynote address, the Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, assured the newly elected executives of AAG that though the bill to regulate the practice of advertising in Ghana has lingered for a while, he will make every effort to ensure the advertising bill is passed.

He acknowledged benefits of the bill to the practice of advertising in Ghana, saying: “In markets where this industry has excelled, it has excelled within a properly regulated environment. I do know how much work you have done already in the preparatory stages, and I would like to assure that when all is ready my door at the Ministry of Information is open to help you see the draft bill passed into law,” he assured.

Andrew Ackah, the Association’s newly inducted president, addressed five critical areas in his inaugural speech:

The Advertising bill

Andrew said: “The world, and more significantly Ghana, has entered a period of economic downturn. Advertising is a bellwether industry, which means it is at the forefront of the economy. Any policy government makes has an impact on our industry.” He further went on to say, “The AAG has tried to regulate advertising through compliance and moral suasion. However, this has not worked satisfactorily, and it is the reason we are calling on government to do two things for us”. Andrew asked for speed in passing the Advertising bill in Ghana to regulate and establish the standards of advertising and quell substandard practices.  He said the bill’s passage will also stimulate revenue to support government during these difficult times.

Indiscriminate mounting of billboards

“You don’t need to look hard to see that a number of the billboards on our roads are a nuisance and danger to road users,” he said. Although the AAG, Metropolitan Authorities and Highway Authority have done a great deal of work to solve this, the problem persists and worsens by the day; but we can all renew our commitment to rid our cities of these unauthorised billboard installations and clean up the clutter,” he expressed.

Investing in data, the currency of superior strategy, creativity and innovation

“With real-time changes in consumer attitudes, behaviour and media engagement, having the correct data is more critical than ever. Robust and accurate data must be the marketer’s north-star for understanding and engaging the consumer, and for measurement and attribution that enables the highest return on advertising investment. The industry generally does not have open and standardised consumer benchmark studies.”

He called on the Association to help equip practitioners with the right tools and data infrastructure to capitalise on the increasingly complex changes.

Collaboration of creative minds in content creation and creativity

Andrew noted: “As practitioners, we build incredible brands and solutions for our clients, and so we should use the same creative thinking process to uplift the Association”. He used the opportunity to invite all activation and experiential gurus, media experts, creatives, techies, fashion, music and entertainment curators, filmmakers and everyone to come together and build the industry.

Brand support for clients and a greener earth 

He further entreated all practitioners to strive to influence their clients with a purpose-driven agenda at the core of their strategy, one that resolves social injustice and protects human dignity. He noted: “For a greener earth, we need to keep demanding accountability from brands that are not shifting to biodegradable inputs in their production process, and hence end up generating thousands of tonnes of plastic waste along our shores and in the inner-towns and cities. We must also encourage greener energy use.”

He entreated all stakeholders to come together in order to achieve the needed results.

In attendance was the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, and management and staff of Dentsu among other dignitaries.

The AAG is the industry body and professional institute for Advertising and Marketing Communications business in Ghana.

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