Adjo&Kojo’s No Reason for Rhyme: A poem for a pearl  


In a wild wide world of water

An unwanted finds itself in a shelled

Purged? No. Kept and curled

And then, a pearl


A girl,

A pearl


May the sun that brings a joyful light

And the moon that gives a peaceful night

And the vast universe it secrets

Be all for you


Like your name, rare and fine

Endlessly, my dear, shine

Your feet: where the world begins

All things gold, purple, green, to you, cleave


Each turmoil permitted, be by God brought

And those not, be by Her wrought

Disruptions, like your name, be absorbed,

coated, honed, and shone


You’re God’s care

His bosom, you, endlessly there


Your friend,

[Reader, insert your name]

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