Rockland sets tone for mass production of local frozen chicken


…as it delivers 742 boxes of poultry products to Labianca

Rockland Company Ltd. – in collaboration with number-one importer of frozen foods, Labianca Company Ltd. – has made a giant move to boost and sustain the ailing local poultry industry.

Rockland over the weekend delivered 742 boxes of local frozen chicken to Labianca, as the latter seeks to help promote patronage of made in Ghana products.

This move came barely three months ago after president of Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers (GNAPF), Victor Oppong-Adjei, told the B&FT that about 70 percent of poultry farms in the country are on the verge of collapse.

Founder – Rockland Meat Company Limited, Edith Akosah Wheatland, speaking to the B&FT commended Labianca for the market and observed that this move will help resuscitate the poultry industry.

She further called on other importers to emulate the gesture by Labianca Company Ltd., by also stocking their warehouses with locally produced frozen chicken.

“This is a historic moment for women in poultry in Ghana, because finally we have an importer who is willing to work with the local industry – Labianca Company Ltd. They have decided to partner with local poultry farmers to produce locally for them, and we have loaded their first consignment of 742 boxes of poultry products which were delivered to them in Tema.

“What she has done is laudable and she needs to be commended. We hope that others will follow suit. She is the one who has taken the lead on pleas for support to local industry. There are quite a few challenges with the local poultry, but Labianca Company Ltd. has decided to come on board to support and help us produce.

“What we have given her is like a drop in the ocean, so we will be looking forward to more support. We count on government to come out with policies that also help local production – and also support the importers which are willing to support the local poultry farmers,” she said.

Ms. Wheatland further called on poultry farmers to collaborate to ensure they receive such help, and by doing so create more jobs to boost the country’s economy.

“We have to work in groups, because one person cannot do it by themself. Besides, the poultry farmers need capacity building as well, and to partner with an anchor farmer – because there are lots of farmers and we cannot individually produce unless we come together as a group. This production sent to Labianca is not an individual effort, there are quite a number of farmers involved. I also collaborated with Darko Farms processing unit. We need a lot of collaboration among ourselves to move the poultry industry forward. The ‘me’ syndrome will not take us anywhere,” she emphasised.

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