Aweya Julius Kantum retires from Customs with an outstanding record


The Tema Collection of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has formally sent off its Sector Commander, Aweya Julius Kantum, as he bows out into retirement.

According to Customs, the Assistant Commissioner, who took charge of the Tema Sector in February 2021, leaves with an outstanding record.

AC Aweya Julius Kantum led the Tema Collection to exceed its annual target by 7.83 percent in 2022.

The impressive ceremony brought together members of the Customs fraternity, including outgone and present commissioners, deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners as well as representatives of key stakeholder institutions.

“Your meticulous vetting of documents on the ICUMS platform to establish the correctness of value, H.S and the origin of goods in line with the WCO standards without compromising on trade facilitation was the guiding principle of your administration when you took over in February 2021,” a Deputy PRO at the Tema Collection of Customs, Mawushie Adotey, said in a speech.

“This skill and knowledge manifested in high task performance, where the collection significantly reduced the task variance of -16.39 percent recorded in the year 2020 to -3.95 percent for the year 2021. To climax this success, the collection recorded a variance of 7.83 percent for the year 2022,” she continued.

The Commissioner of Customs, Seidu Iddrisu Iddisah, said the achievements of AC Aweya Julius Kantum is testament to his impressive leadership and character throughout his 37-year career.

“Mr. Kantum has been distinguished for his steadfast attitude and due diligence toward his job. His attitude toward work is truly inspirational for those of you who have worked under him, and we hope the young will not only look at the inspiration he gave them but copy from him,” the Customs Commissioner admonished.

The outgoing Sector Commander, Aweya Julius Kantum, thanked his team for working assiduously with him to achieve the revenue and trade facilitation goals of the division for mother Ghana.

He urged the younger generation to draw inspiration from his nearly 4 decades of service to remain steadfast, diligent and patriotic.

Aweya Julius Kantum has been succeeded by Assistant Commissioner Christiana Adjei, who previously served as Sector Commander of the Accra Collection.

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