Lawyer Bobby Banson launches book on Civil Litigation


Lead Partner of Robert Smith Law Group, Lawyer Bobby Banson, has launched his first book on Civil Litigation in Ghana. This is seen as a great step in making teaching, learning and understanding rules of the court an enjoyable venture.

The book, titled ‘Civil Litigation in the High Court of Ghana’, is aimed at providing a useful guide for understanding the principles which underlie civil litigation in the high court of Ghana. Bobby Banson is also a Lecturer at the Ghana Law School and said the book highlights civil litigation procedures in the High Court, which is a sure foundation for appreciating the processes in other courts.

“We chose the High Court because we opined that an understanding of the procedures in the high court is a sure foundation for appreciating the procedures in the other courts. We did not intend to theorise the subject. We wanted to make it as straightforward and practical as possible. We used minimum words and case law to explain the concepts,” said Bobby Banson at the book-launch held at Movenpick Hotel, Accra.

The book also touches on the law of evidence and arbitration in ways which interplay with the rules of court.

Speaking at the book-launch ceremony, Deputy Attorney-General, Diana Asonaba Dapaah, acknowledged that Ghana’s legal education system has faced many challenges and undergone a number of changes with the aim of setting a high standard for the quality of legal education, as well as making legal education more accessible.

According to the Deputy Attorney-General, Civil Procedure is a course that’s notorious for being burdensome for many students – and even practitioners. “The rigmarole and intricacies of the rules are not for the fainthearted, and a case – as the practicing lawyers present here will attest – can easily be won through appropriate knowledge and use of the civil procedure rules.

“A case can equally be lost as a result of lacking knowledge of the rules. Unfortunately, however, there does not exist many textbooks on the subject by Ghanaian authors. I believe that the author of this book has brought to the fore – in simple, easily digestible language – his several years of experience in teaching and practicing this subject,” added Diana Asonaba Dapaah.

Prof. Richard Frimpong Oppong (FGA), a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences who chaired the book-launch, was excited about the growth of scholarly writing – especially books on Ghana law.

“There has been a remarkable growth in the number of books on Ghanaian law. I am aware of three books published or launched by Ghanaian legal scholars. This book is a welcome addition to this phenomenal growth in the jurisprudence of Ghana. The book is an excellent addition to the existing body of scholarship,” said Prof. Richard Frimpong Oppong.

Prof. Oppong believes the book should become an essential part of the toolkit of any lawyer who wants to master and successfully traverse this terrain on the path to seeking justice for his or her client. He encouraged the author to ensure the book becomes the first to be published in digital format.

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