Commuters in Kumasi excited over 15% cut in transport fares


Some commuters in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi have expressed positive reactions to the recent reduction in transport fares by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).

They say the reduction in fares is timely and necessary, since fuel prices have reduced significantly over the past few weeks; and also the cedi’s significant appreciation to the US dollar.

Some individuals who spoke to the B&FT in Kumasi were happy that transport fares have been reduced.

“I am happy for the reduction in price of transport fares once it is making an impact on the masses. I used to pay GH₵4.50p from Bantama to Adum, but today I paid GH¢4… so I am happy. I wish it could reduce more but its little by little. But on the whole, I am happy,” Abu Musah, an IT personnel, told the B&FT.

A driver who gave his name as Peter, who plies the Ampabame-Sokoban-Adum stretch, also expressed excitement at the directive to reduce transport fares.

For him, he believes this will go a long way to help reduce the prices of food items and other commodities on the market.

He however indicated that news of the reduction was heard in the media and their leadership is yet to communicate the exact fares to them, so he has reduced his by 50p.

“We have heard about the reduction in the media, but we are yet to hear from our leadership – so most of the drivers on this stretch are still collecting the old fares. Even though I am a driver, I am glad we have been asked to reduce the transport fares. I also share in the pain of passengers; my children also pick cars to school, so I will be able to save something small from the reduction,” Peter said.

Kuukua, a sales executive at Adum, however complained about unwillingness of drivers to reduce the fares. According to her, the bus conductor (mate) took the old fare – which is GH₵5.30p from Kenyaase to Kejetia. She told the B&FT that the reduction should affect the price of goods and services on the market.

“The drivers are not reducing the fares by the right amount. I have calculated 15.3 percent from the original price and changed my money to the tune of that. I just give it to them when they demand fares. Any attempt by the mate to take more, I won’t add.

“The reduction should have an effect on goods in the markets and services. It shouldn’t be just on transport fares but every commodity or service which requires payment,” she said.

Road Transport Operators have reduced transport fares by 15.3% effective Monday, December 19, 2022, following the recent downward trend of petroleum prices in the country.

Petrol price at some fuel stations is GH₵13.40 per litre, with diesel also going for GH₵16.10 per litre.

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