Social Enterprise Ghana organises green entrepreneurship training for PWDs


Social Enterprise Ghana, as part of its Green Champions Project, has organised a 5-day green entrepreneurship programme training session for women with disabilities in Accra.

Over 30 women from different backgrounds, some of whom were already into various farming activities and others who had no background in farming, were taught how to do snail and mushroom farming.

The training educated disabled women on the types of snails and mushrooms available on the market, how to add value to them, how to farm them and how to make a business out of them.

However, they were not only trained how to farm but also as trainers in order to teach others.

Mr. Emmanuel Twene, Facilitator and CEO of Qet Organic Farming and Consult, in an interview with B&FT revealed that Social Enterprise and its partners after the programme will be giving start-up kits to the trainees for them to start their own farms – which will include the snails or mushrooms, feed, compost bags, technical support and every other necessary tool.

When asked in an interview with B&FT why the organisation chose woman with disabilities and not men, Emmanuel Adomako – the project adviser, explained that women are naturally vulnerable in society – and therefore are more vulnerable when disabled.

“Even though we see both disabled men and women in society, women are more vulnerable…and even worse when disabled. They are easily taken advantage of,” he said.

He also added that with Social Enterprise, their motivation is reaching the Social Developmental (SD) Goals and seeing people uplift themselves from poverty.

Mr. Adomako also indicated that the training is not its first project, having also in the past worked with refugees and young able-bodied men and women who are mostly unemployed.

“The idea is to give them skills and livelihoods so they can go out there and be productive, and also be able to do something for themselves and not always be dependent on people,” he added.

He took the opportunity to thank and appreciate sponsors like KGL Foundation, Global Affairs Canada and World University Services of Canada.

Lisabeth Salifu, one of the disabled women being trained, also took the opportunity in an interview to encourage people with disabilities to engage themselves with such training in order to be empowered and productive.

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