Businesses need innovation and strategies to survive in the coming years  – QAL CEO


The CEO of Quick Angels has advised businesses to adopt new strategies and innovation in order to thrive in the coming years.

He made this call when on a tour to one of his partner brands

Richard Nii Armah Quaye, CEO of Quick Angels, paid a courtesy call to Gold Coast Food Herbs and Spices- (Sankofa Natural Spices) at Gomaa after years of formidable partnership.

The aim of the visit is to tour their ultra-modern facility, know the progress of work done on the product and services as well as what the future holds for the business.

The CEO of Sankofa spices acknowledged the challenging times the country as well as businesses are being confronted in our current economy; however, he was quick to add that with a formidable partnership with quick angels, and good strategies, the business will thrive and survive.

He mentioned and assured the board chairman, Mr. Quaye, that he and his team are ready and prepared for the years ahead.

The Board Chairman of Sankofa and CEO of Quick Angels, Mr. Quaye, applauded the CEO of Sankofa and his team for the massive work done so far, considering where the joint venture business started amidst challenges. However, he added that he had a strong trust in the CEO’s ability, and indeed, he was not surprised with the work done so far.

He also mentioned that he was proud Sankofa Natural Spices are one of Ghana’s finest and most healthy known products accepted by many.

Mr. Quaye used the occasion to call on more innovation for the business in the years ahead to stay in business.

Furthermore, he indicated that not all businesses can survive the current economic conditions one is facing in the country. As salaries are paid in full, with no redundancy, he’s proud of the business.

He further used the occasion to call on businesses to be innovative and have new strategies if they want to see their business thrive in the coming years in our current economy. “You always need to have ways to face the fall,” he mentioned.

Moreover, he disclosed that his brands will be among the few to challenge the status quo.

Sankofa Spices are taking territories, have moved into other African markets, and would continue to the global stage soon.

Richard Nii Armah Quaye is Ghana’s first angel investor supporting hundreds of businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs with equity financing.

Quick Angels have successfully built over 25 world-class brands, such as Burger King, Doughman foods, Sankofa Natural Spices, Coli Network, Benjie and Duke Rice, Ridge Medical Centre, and many more in Ghana and other parts of Africa, employing over 3000 direct staff across brands only in Ghana.

He is an achiever and a great leader of our generation.

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