JRA boss wins top-most award at Homebuilders Africa Awards 2022


Chief Executive Officer of indigenous beauty care and household sanitary products manufacturing company JRA Cosmetics Limited, Jane Reason Ahadzie, has been honoured with the award for ‘Superwoman of the Year 2022’ at this year’s edition of the annual Homebuilders Africa Awards.

The distinguished entrepreneur was recognised for her sterling achievements in the domestic manufacturing sector in the field of cosmetics and general household sanitary products.

As an astute industrialist, Ms. Ahadzie has been a strong force in the local manufacturing space with her company, which has created numerous employment opportunities for several people in the country, especially women and the youth.

The citation that accompanied the award read: “Using innovative and widely acceptable standards, your brand of products have become a household name.

“Not only have you succeeded in business, you have also mentored and mothered a lot of young people, and created the right environment for the youth to achieve their dreams. We, at Homebuilders Africa Awards, confer on you the top-most award of ‘Superwoman of the Year 2022.’”

Commenting on the recognition, the JRA boss expressed her gratitude to management and staff of the company for their hard work, consistency and commitment which have propelled the sustained growth of the company.

“We are very grateful for this recognition, and we are hopeful that it will inspire us to do more to better the lives of the people and community through our operations and actions,” she said.

Aside from her business acumen, the JRA boss was also appreciated for her numerous philanthropic deeds which have made significant social impact and endeared her to the hearts of many.

Under her leadership, JRA Cosmetics has become a household brand and a force to reckon in the local beauty care and home care production, with market leading products such as body lotion and creams, sanitary products and detergents.

The company has become a formidable wholly-owned Ghanaian brand that has produced several household cosmetics and home care products over the past two decades, with plans to expand to other external markets.

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