Sai Wine Café partners Gold Coast Roasters


…to promote locally produced coffee to consumers

Sai Wine Café and Gold Coast Roasters have entered into a brand partnership which will see Sai Wine Café promote and product place Gold Coast Roasters – made in Ghana coffee – as a primary option for all its coffee loving customers.

Gold Coast Roasters, a Ghanaian-owned company which was formed in 2017, with the mission of changing the way coffee is produced, consumed and exported in Ghana through holistic production, is aggressively growing in the local market to competitively position Made-in-Ghana coffee over foreign imported coffee.

The company presently produces three types of coffee – Robusta, Arabica, and a hybrid called Arabusta, with a total of 5 SKU’s in medium roast ground coffee, dark roast ground espresso coffee, and medium roast whole bean coffee – all of which are available in key retail outlets in Ghana.

As part of their three-prong market penetration strategy, brand engagement within hospitality businesses is key, allowing them to introduce Made-in-Ghana coffee, deliver the brand experience, and eventually convert the consumer. “It is important for us to operate in a circular economy which sees our business producing from the soil through to Ghanaian’s consuming our products,” stated Hannah Quashie, Director of Gold Coast Roasters in charge of business development.

“We rely on strategic brand partnerships, like we have with Sai Wine Café, to ensure that we not only sample new consumers, but also share our brand story,” Ms. Quashie continued.

“At Sai Wine Café, our new brand partnership is aligned with our business initiative of championing locally-owned/ produced goods. We have been stocking Gold Coast Roasters for 12 months, and we receive positive feedback from not only local customers, but tourists and expats,” stated Ms. Nadia Takyiwaa-Mensah, CEO of Sai Wine Café.

“I believe it is our responsibility to be brand ambassadors of Made-in-Ghana produce for our diverse customer base. After all, if we do not do it, who will? Made-in-Ghana produce needs to be available and visible in main retail outlets as well as hospitality businesses in order to stand a chance of gaining real market share,” Ms. Takyiwaa-Mensah stated.

Gold Coast Roasters roast the finest coffee in perfect environmentally green conditions. From the fine exotic ranges of the Aburi mountains and Volta Mountains of Ghana, their coffee beans undertake a pure spiritual journey from soil to mug. With a current production of only 30 percent of their capacity, there is potential and opportunity to not only feed local consumer demands, but to also export.

Gold Coast Roasters can be found in leading retail and hospitality outlets. Try the Made-in-Ghana experience!


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