Tour guides commend GTA for promoting domestic tourism


The Northern Regional chapter of the Ghana Tour Guides Association has commended the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) for its commitment to promoting domestic tourism in the region.

The Regional President of the association, Cosmos Muniru, in an interview with the B&FT, stated that to enhance domestic tourism that would create job opportunities, there is a need for strong institutions to champion the course.

“They have been ensuring both the formal and the informal sectors adhere to quality standards, and also make their facilities more attractive to the public. In our sector, we do not sell anything. We only offer services, so for the Ghana Tourism Authority to be so thoughtful to bring up the initiative of training informal caterers on customer service is a very laudable initiative,” he said.

He, however, lamented the poor management attitude of players in the Tamale informal sector, especially the caterers’ association, highlighting their reluctance to team up to get members registered to ensure adherence to the industry’s regulations.

According to him, this is very detrimental to the growth of the tourism sector in the Northern Region.

He also promised to personally supervise the association’s activities to ensure that everything gets back on track.

Mr. Muniru, therefore, called on the members within the sector to take due advantage of the approaching festive season to promote tourism in the region by making their facilities more lucrative and enticing to attract more tourists.

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