Apex10 donates fertilizer boosters to the Odoben community in Central Region


KGV Global, the sole distributors and consulting arm of Apex-10 — the nation’s sole distributor of fertilizer boosters in the West, North Africa, the Caribbean, and South America, has donated Apex10 organic fertilizers boosters to farmers in the Adoben Community, a suburb of Ghana’s Central Region.

The donation forms part of the organisation’s sensitization give back campaign themed ‘Apex-10 Operations Feed in support of MOFA and Ghanaian Farmers’. The sensitization campaign among other things seeks to donate 16 thousand liters of Apex10 to communities across Ghana’s 16 regions.

Prince, an agronomist with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and also a liaison and advocate of Apex-10 organic fertilizer booster on behalf of MOFA and KGV partnership explained that the goal of the sensitization and donation is to make farming more appealing to both new and experienced farmers, while also enhancing human nutrition, livelihoods, and, economy at large.

“The primary recipients of these donations which will be made in all of the nation’s regions are farmers. The purpose of this sensitization is to inform farmers in these communities about the benefits of using organic fertilizers as well as the transformational and yield-boosting effects of Apex10. Basically, the goal is to revive the agricultural industry, make it more appealing, and entice more people to become farmers because doing so has the potential to strengthen the economy as a whole, “he stated.

According to him, Apex10 is a fertilizer additive that aims to boost crop yields across a range of crops, from greening grasses to vegetables and tree crops.

“Apex10 has been shown to improve soil quality, increase fertilizer effectiveness, decrease water usage, and create healthier, more resilient plants and harvests. It can be applied practically everywhere and will be very helpful to our farmers,” he added.

Chief of the community, Nana Nyakor Atta who received the donation on behalf of the beneficiaries said the donation has come in time as it will give farmers hope after they lost hope in reviving their farms due to the lack of additional inputs required to restore soils that have become barren and eroded.

The farmers are thrilled. Initially, there wasn’t much that our farmers could do because fertilisers are expensive and it’s even challenging because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, we are currently receiving organic fertilizer boosters instead of merely fertilisers and based on feedback from other farmers who have tried it, we are confident that our farms will be restored,” he said.

About Apex10

Apex 10 Fertilizer booster is present in Africa, most part of Europe and significant territories within the diaspora. Apex 10 is rebottled and sold all over Ghana and more than fifteen African countries with new partnership agreements with many other countries growing each day.

Apex-10 reduces water intake by 30percent, and its fertilizers is by 50percent to 70percent. It Inputs herbicides Fungicides pesticides by 70percent, and its shelf life increases by 23 days. It has a triple yield effect and 100percent soils replenishments as well as 100percent back money guarantee.

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