Chris Koney’s column : Touching lives in an incredible way


… the story of Reggies Makeovers’ Seed Bride

Do you know what it means to touch lives? Has anyone ever touched your life in one way or the other to bring tears down your eyes? Are you looking for a way and the needed motivation to be able to touch the lives of people positively? If yes, then I am sure this will be an interesting read for you.

Regina Ama Dumah is a young enterprising entrepreneur and a dynamic lady with the desire to change the world around her. From a humble beginning in Tema, her passion to make a difference in people’s lives and affecting society positively grows by the day.

The pillar behind the leading Ghanaian beauty services brand, Reggies Makeovers, Regina has transitioned from a practising nurse into becoming a respected and multiple award-winning make-up artist, a household name and a front-runner in the Ghanaian beauty sector.

A year ago, she made the headlines after putting smiles on the faces of a young man and woman wishing to tie the knot to begin their marriage journey by assisting to make their dream fulfilled. She came to their aid and brought joy to them through the Seed Bride initiative she launched in 2021.

The Seed Bride initiative was conceived in Tarkwa – Ghana, where she had gone to work on a bride. Prior to travelling to Tarkwa, she was directed in her dream by the Holy Spirit to do something to glorify God in order to get more blessings. When she woke up and prayed, the first thing she thought of was to do free make-up for a bride who could not afford her services.

I immediately picked up my phone and typed on Instagram my intention to do free make-up for a needy bride. I was surprised with the feedback.  I had other event vendors also requesting to offer free services for the bride I decide to work on. For a moment, I wasn’t sure what was happening but at the end of the day, it was moving from just a free make-up for a bride to putting together a free wedding for a couple,” she explained.

Regina received hundreds of messages from would-be brides hoping to get the free make-up service. The criteria for selecting the lucky lady, according to Regina, was a couple that truly did not have the means to afford a modest wedding in addition to their intriguing love story.

The couple that got selected last year genuinely didn’t have the funds to have their marriage ceremony. They had a prophecy that their wedding was going to be taken care of, and they believed it and acted upon it through prayers. I consider myself as well as the other vendors who offered their services for free as vessels used by God to manifest his word in their lives,” she revealed.

Regina decided to have another edition of the Seed Bride this year; however, it didn’t come without some challenges. “After the selection of the bride this year, we started having challenges. We had to commit it into prayer and then go back to select another bride. After that, everything went very smoothly and we had a great wedding for our couple, Mr. and Mrs. Quaye,” she emphasised.

The Seed Bride initiative has become an annual blessing now, and Regina revealed that her team is compelled to have two marriage ceremonies for two couples in a year going forward. This has become necessary due to the increasing number of vendors who are offering their services for free as part of the initiative.

Responding to the underlying factor for its success, Regina mentioned the God factor. “It is always important to put God first in everything we do. Without putting God first, we cannot achieve many things. However, what is the essence of life without having the giver of life? Having God will make us understand why we were created. It is necessary to know God’s will in order for our paths to be directed to touch different lives,” she added.

In the process of executing the Seed Bride initiative, one key lesson Regina has learnt is to not to be bothered by what people say about you when you are putting in the hard work. “Do not be bothered by what people say, maybe you have been told you have nothing to give. Listen, do not argue, do not bother, you only have to see yourself doing the best things you can do. You have to see the best in you, and it is not necessary if others do not see that in you. For you to touch lives, you have to put deaf ears to what negative people say. Do not bother what people say, God already says the best to you,” she explained.

You could help bring life into the world, save a life from ending or transform lives, and impact families exceptionally. Not only will you affect individuals, you could also make an impact on an entire community, providing services in your career field, were her final words.

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