A Walk with UG Alumni & Friends


The University of Ghana, Legon would celebrate 75 years in 2023. As part of the activities leading to the anniversary, the UG@75 Committee, in collaboration with a group of alumni, is organising a 10-kilometre walk on the university’s campus on the 2nd of December, 2022. The objective is to bring together hundreds of alumni and friends to connect, reconnect and create opportunities for themselves.

From recent graduates to those who graduated in the 80’s and 90’s, the walk aims to attract the educated elite from the length and breadth of our nation to the campus, where they once shared friendships, aspirations and ideas. The walk has been structured to not only acknowledge alumni, but also to allow them, along with their friends, to show school spirit and reflect on the good times and memories made on the university campus over the years.

The anniversary will be big on inclusion and participation as captured in its theme: ‘Nurturing Resilience; Adopting Technology, Embracing Humanism’. Thus, the walk would energise the buzz around UG@75. Beyond the nostalgia of a walk through the university campus, we believe the conversations that would be generated afterward would awaken a great many alumni and the public to participate in the programmes and activities scheduled for the university’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

The day for the walk, the 2nd of December is a holiday (National Farmers’ Day). It will allow for many individuals to participate in the programme. It will be more than just a walk. Along with it, the day will be dedicated to recreational and networking activities to allow old friends to reconnect, and all the participants to make new friends. Overall, the event will allow professionals, business owners, community leaders, and many others to meet one another and experience a new dimension of interaction and the development of strategic partnerships for themselves and for the good of our nation.

The walk will begin at 6:00am from the Athletic Oval right in the middle of the university campus. It is also the venue for the recreational activities after the walk. It is anticipated that the recreational activities will last the whole day. To this end, there will be passive entertainment along with a rotating selection of reasonably priced foods, cocktails, beers, and frozen drinks to cater for the participants as they network. We have not forgotten that the day will fall within the World Cup season. And with Ghana playing Uruguay on that day, a large TV screen would be mounted to show the match and other scheduled matches. All in all, it will be a fun-filled day. And sponsors for the walk will be given the opportunity to brand the Athletic Oval.

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