Yara unveils retailer mobile app to serve farmers


A retailer-facing mobile application that aims to establish retailer loyalty in the smallholder farmers’ ecosystem by connecting Yara fertilizers with retailers, has been launched in Accra.

The application, known as YaraConnect, is expected to enable Yara retailers to serve farmers better to ensure thriving between the company and its distributors and retailers.

Managing Director of Yara Ghana, Danquah Addo-Yobo, said the company, being a leading manufacturer of quality and comprehensive range of fertiliser inputs, has taken the lead to developing digital farming tools for precision farming.

“This new technology will enable our retailers to work closely with partners throughout the whole food value chain to develop more climate-friendly crop nutrition solutions. The app will also ensure the creation of value-added services for retailers,” he said.

The Yara Connect app also provides expert farming knowledge and offers rewards to retailers when they sell Yara products.

The application, according to the company, is available on Google Playstore.

One key thing of the application is its ability to provide detailed data of all retailers and distributors. It would provide locations where Yara products are distributed, quantities and the amount distributed as well as time of distribution.

Apart from connectivity, the app also serves as a tool for knowledge and capacity building where retailers and distributors are informed of key initiatives of the company.

Indeed Yara, Mr. Addo-Yobo explained, has developed several solutions to help farmers optimise their activities on the ground and enable the entire food value chain to move toward climate-neutral practices.

In particular, is the company’s digital farming team that innovates, prototypes, builds, and validates digital solutions that connect and create value for stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem.

These solutions, he indicated, empower professional and smallholder farmers to increase yields, crop quality, and incomes in a sustainable way.

Mr. Addo-Yobo called on distributors nationwide to join the Yara team and deepen collaboration with the company as it comes with many advantages.




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