GNPC boss inspires young PRESECANS to remain optimistic


The Chief Executive Officer-Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah – an old student of PRESEC – has inspired young students of the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC, Legon) to remain optimistic about life to make good out of any situation.

Speaking to young students at the 84th Speech and Prize-giving day, the CEO drew the students’ attention to the need to make good out of every situation they encounter in the course of their education, “Life is unfair, but every seeming mishap can be turned into an opportunity”.

“Students, know very well that life is unfair – that’s the way life is. We do not choose that life gives to us. As the popular saying goes…when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

“To bring it closer to home, in lumine tuo videmus lumen. In thy light, we shall see light. God’s light is what he has given you, the lemons; you have to take his light and ask for wisdom to see an opportunity, or to see light in whatever he shines down on your life…that is you making lemonade. God will not make the lemonade for you. Make a good situation out of any situation. In lumine tu videmus lumen, see the light in God’s light that he has given to you. Be optimistic,” Mr. Danquah said.

Citing his ordeal while in the school, Mr. Danquah recounted the late-night chores that his past seniors required of him – of which he made good use.

“Doing those chores when lights were out meant I had permission from the seniors to become a night-owl. So, when I finished all these late-night chores and everything was quiet…then it was my Christmas gift to study…silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright. I had the chance to study when everybody was asleep! I could have gone straight to bed to sleep after the chores, but I had to push through to study – that was the only way I was going to survive,” he recalled.

“In an actual sense, regarding my classmates it seems that I slept on them; but rather they were sleeping on me.  Another lesson to take away, life is not always as it seems to be,” he stated.

He further advised younger students to add to their Christian training to establish their place in the future of this country.

“Life is not a straightforward, but ultimately you are responsible for the decisions that you make…not your father, not your mother, not your teachers, not even God. Freewill is a gift and you must use it wisely. Decisions you make today and the work ethic that follows those decisions will determine the most part of your future. So, ensure that you are in control of your choices. Man-up to take the tough decisions in life – no one is responsible for them except you; so whatever decisions you take, you have peace with the outcome,” he emphasised.

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