ASA organises health screening at Koforidua and Somanya


ASA Savings and Loans Limited, Koforidua Zongo Business Centre and Somanya Business Centre have organised their annual health screening exercise for their clients.

Over 300 hundred clients were screened and tested in Hepatitis B, malaria, blood sugar level, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), and other vitals such as temperature, respiratory rate, among others.

They were educated on these diseases, and screened by doctors and nurses from Provident Health Centre and Somanya Polyclinic.

The Area Managers of ASA Savings and Loans, Mr. David Amevor and Mr. Godson Adzafi, stated that the health screening is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility as a financial institution.

“Our clients are so important to us. Without good health, they cannot get the strength to work and be able to take care of their homes,” Mr. Amevor said.

“Asa Savings and Loans Limited supports small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the women in these areas, with loans to help them generate more profits, expand and sustain their business,” Mr. Adzafi also added.

Mrs. Joana Tenkoranmaa Preko, Deputy Chief Physician Assistant and Head of the Screening Team, noted that due to the work schedule of these women, most of them have defaulted in visiting the hospital for their regular check-ups.

She realised that some tested positive to malaria and were given treatment. “A lot of them had their BMI above normal, and that is overweight, obese, among others”.

Mrs. Tamatey counselled them on their diet and urged them to eat healthy foods which support their growth. She further encouraged them to keep their environment clean, as well as sleep in insecticide treated net.

She advised those who were given medication to take them according to the dosage given to them.

The health screening, she said, had been successful, and suggested to ASA that it should be held regularly.

Madam Cynthia Teye, a client of the company, thanked the company for the health screening. “I have always participated in this exercise since I do not visit the hospital regularly, and this has enabled me to know my current health status.”

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